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Elstow 2009 Season
30lb 4oz, a proper old warrior.
hooped over. The carp kicked and the
rod bent even more; it gave another
kick and I decided that maybe I
should ease off a tad and let it have a
bit of line. I should have known better,
as once it got going it really went for
it and I was left hanging on as it powered off to my left – not to much of a
problem, as long as it stayed out in
open water. The trouble was though,
it was kiting left and the swim next
door shallows up very quickly with a
load of snags on the shelf just in front
of the swim.
I made the decision to grab the
landing net and walk through some
terrible smelling crap to get to the
swim next door in order to make landing the carp easier. Going next door
certainly made things a lot easier, and
from there on it didn’t take too long to
get what looked like a fair sized carp
into the waiting net. It was only a few
yards back to my swim, and after putting the net with the carp into the
margins, I set about getting the necessary gear sorted out for the weighing and photos. Once I had it in the
weigh sling I hoisted the scales up
and the needle settled at 33lb 10oz. I
got a few pictures of her before
releasing it. I attached a fresh bait to
the rig and sent that out to the spot,
shortly followed by a few more spods
of freebies to top the swim up. Sitting
back in the bivvy I got the kettle on
for the first cuppa of the day, and then
I noticed that the belly monster was
growling at me for some food, so I
stopped him moaning by throwing a
huge bacon, sausage and fried egg
roll down my throat.
Looking out of the bivvy at the
swim, I thought that I should get
everything tidied up after the last fish
as there were bits and bobs all over
the place. As I picked up the unhooking mat I glanced at the lake and
noticed that the spot was slicking up
again. I was just about cleared up
when the middle rod gave out a couple of bleeps. The hanger had gone up
into a vertical position from the horizontal way it had been hanging. Walking over to the rods I looked up at the
lake and that’s when the line started
to speed through the buzzer head. As
I picked up the offending rod I noticed
a big bow wave at about 55 yards
moving away from me at a hell of a
speed. The rod had a massive bend in
it, and the carp was just going and
going (‘kin ‘ell fire). That initial run
seemed to last for ages and the carp
had stripped about thirty yards of line
from a really tight clutch before I
managed to turn it. One thing was for
s u r e, e v e n t h o u g h t h e f i s h h a d
appeared on the surface pretty
quickly, it had still managed to pick a
lot of weed up on the line, which was
causing some problems in the way
that it could be played.
Things eventually went my way,
and after the carp suffered a bit of a
strop in the margins, a nicely sized
carp went into the waiting net. After
clearing all the weed from around the
lead clip, I noticed that around the
bottom of the weed where it had been
ripped from the bottom of the lake
were loads of bloodworm. Things
were made ready for the weighing
and photos, and I was over the moon
when the scales revealed a weight of
33lbs 8oz, a cracking looking carp,
that’s for sure. After a few self-takes
the carp was safely released. I got
another pop-up on the rig and
another lead on the lead clip and sent
that back out to the spot. A few more
spods were put out over the spot just
to keep it topped up. n


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