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Rotary Letter
that if I hadn’t switched over then I
probably wouldn’t have caught from
that lake all winter. With regards to
pulling back I have to say I no longer
do it, but years ago, in the early days
of my carp angling, I always used to
pull back to my chosen spot and I
often caught. I just think we have got
better over the years at finding these
spots and don’t need to drag back to
them. I may be wrong though, and it
could be something we are missing
out on.
I don’t really have anything further
to add about the other questions so
I’m going to try to give my views on
the next set of questions that some of
you have sent in to Rob…
I feel Q1 from Mr M Giles and
Q3 from Mr S Smith can be
answered together…
Now, although we have had a very
mild winter so far; in fact I believe it’s
one of the mildest winters on record,
for the majority of us the catches have
been just as bad as previous winters
when it’s been pretty bloody cold and
we have had the big freezes. I personally feel that although the milder
weather can help us in some ways, I
think that it’s more to do with the
light levels as to why we don’t catch
in the winter. If it was just down to
temperatures then surely we would
all have had our best winters ever, but
if you ask people, 99% will say it’s
been no better.
When you look at the amount of
hours of darkness we have through
the winter months, I’m sure that the
fish look at that time too and slow up
naturally, slowing down their systems
in order to conserve energy and body
Winter a couple of years back and a frozen lake, but it fished just as well that
winter despite being colder.
fat. As we come out of the winter
though, and the light levels increase,
then I feel the fish notice this and
start to become more mobile, use
some more of their energy and therefore burn off some of the winter fat
they have been carrying. The result of
this is they then become hungry and
need to find food. We then start to see
fish getting caught. I’m sure that if
the temperatures stayed low through
the spring we would still start catching, as it’s more to do with light than
Q2 from Mr B Luscombe.
Tuttis are without a doubt one of
w i n t e r ’s c l a s s i c b a i t s a n d h a v e
accounted for so many winter fish
that I always have them in my
armoury. I used them last winter and
caught well on them, and I will no
doubt use them at some point this
I’m sure the long hours of darkness are a lot to do with the winter catch rates.
Three flavours that I will happily use
in winter.
winter too. When I can though I still
like to use matching hookbaits to my
freebies, and this winter I’m using the
Vortex from Sticky Baits, which is a
maple flavour. I have had good results
on it so far, yet I have not been using
it for long, as I only joined the company at the end of October. From the
results that I have had though, I can
see that quality speaks volumes. The
other flavour that I’m using is their
Buchu-Berry, which comes in the
form of a pink pop-up. From what I
have been told, Leon Bartropp came
up with this, and he had quietly been
using it for a good few years with
great success. He has now given it to
Sticky to produce so that everyone
gets a chance to use it. Another cou-


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