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Rotary Letter
Ester-based spice flavour was the downfall of this winter Longfield mirror.
weather is good; if it’s freezing then
that going to put the fish off even later
in the season when the nights have
drawn out a bit, but not to any degree
really. Once those nights start drawing out when the clocks go forward,
that’s the time of the year when we’re
getting a longer day and the fish are
more active. Once they start moving
then they keep moving, because even
at that time of the year, if you suddenly get a cold snap, the fish just
carry on feeding still. They don’t tend
to turn off as they do generally in January and February time when the
days are very short so yes, mild
weather should produce more fish
and does produce more fish.
Obviously the lakes are not frozen
over for a start, whereas in the previous couple of years in January and
February we haven’t been able to fish
the lakes because they’ve had a top
on them. But the extraordinary start
to the year we’ve had this year has
meant that the lakes are open, and
some people are catching. I mean
Sean had a superb December as you
saw in last month’s magazine, but
things are tailing off now despite it
being mild, and it’s tough out there to
get a bite. I saw Dave Levy all over
Facebook catching doubles and the
odd twenty, and this is the key to it
really at this time of year. Don’t go sitting on a hundred-acre lake with two
fish in it, trying to catch one of them –
go somewhere and get a bite and
have a bit of fun. That’s what winters
should be for these days, and you’ll
soon find that we’re nearly in the
spring. By the time this comes out
spring will just be round the corner,
the light levels will have increased,
and even if the temperatures have
gone down, the catch rates will have
gone up.
Mr Luskum from Middlesex asked
about what flavours we prefer in the
winter. He says the tutti frutti type
flavours are doing well, and of course
they are. Those and pineapple are
successful at this time of year. They
put the flavour on a certain base, on a
certain carrier, a certain liquid or
chemical that will transport the
flavour into the food item. Pineapple
is on an ester or alcohol base, which is
easily dispersed through the water
whether it is cold or warm. A lot of
others are on oils or essential oils,
which are great in warm water, but of
course once the water gets cold,
unless you emulsify it, which most
people don’t these days, of course you
don’t get the distribution of the
flavour through the water so easily.
So, Mr Luskum, just really reiterating
what you’ve said there – tutti fruttis,
pineapple, and all the fruity baits on
an ester or an alcohol base are great
for cold winter fishing.
The last question from Mr Vain in
Hertfordshire is about his syndicate
losing some good fish early in the
spring each year. It seems to be not
only on your lake that this happens,
but also across the country, and I’m
certainly not too sure why it happens.
Obviously we’ve had the winter, if
we’re talking logically, and we’ve had
the cold. By the way, I really do prefer
to have a cold winter rather than a
mild one like we’ve had here. As the
other gentleman said, the catches are
not that great despite it being mild,
but I certainly feel that the cold snap
Steve with big Harefield fully, a lake now plagued by crayfish.


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