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Rotary Letter
Sean Leverett
Ok straight into it this month, and I’m
going to start with something I mentioned a while back. I’m currently sitting on the banks of Vinnetrow writing this on the May the 8th and we
are just coming out of a full moon
phase. I was having a conversation
with Jon earlier, and I mentioned that
I have had to backlead in order to get
my lines to stay down, as there is a
big undertow, and yet it wasn’t that
windy. It got me thinking again about
undertow on a water around the full
moon, as I have suffered from this and
mentioned it before. I know Ed didn’t
really agree last time round, but I do
find this happening more and more
on shallow waters, and Vinnetrow is
no exception as its average depth is a
mere 5-6ft. Something Jon did say to
me though that I was unaware of was
that the moon was actually 33000
miles closer to the earth on this full
moon; the closest it’s been to us for
100 years. Can anyone throw any
light on this or am I just making
something out of nothing? Just to add
to this on the 10th, as we have come
further out of the full moon phase, the
undertow has eased and the back
leads have come off.
In answer to your first question, Ed,
about the close season; I have to say,
at the time I was pleased to see it
abolished, as I was probably even
more of a pain in the arse to live with
for those three months than I already
was. I was at a loss for what to do
with myself and just got up to no
good, so when it was abolished at
least my parents knew where I was. It
was always said that the close was
A full moon and savage undertow. Is there any link between these? I think there is.
there to let the fish spawn, but with
the ever changing climate, fish are
spawning later and later in the year so
the close season was a bit of a waste
and we missed out on some potential
good catches (I don’t think they
spawned on the Road Lake last year
until August).
A fair few waters that I have fished
have always closed the lake for a few
weeks while the carp go about their
business and give them a little time to
recover after doing the deed, and I
think this is a good thing and is all
that is really needed. I therefore don’t
really see that there has been any
detrimental effect on things, as carp
are clever creatures. If they don’t
want to feed and want to hide away
from the pressures then
they will. There will
always be spawning casualties whether there is a
close season or not. What
does sadden me though is
the small minority of
mindless individuals that
think its ok to try and fish
for them while they go
about the spawning
process, and won’t accept
that they are actually
spawning and not “havin’
it” as I was once told. Why
someone would want to
try to fish amongst
I used loads of this when dealing with Koi, but it was
spawning fish is beyond
always with caution and care.
me – where’s the sport in that?
Now Ed’s second question (what’s
this, Ed’s question time? Ha-ha!)
regarding our thoughts on “at what
point does a carp get hooked?” As
you said Ed, it does vary depending
on the rig, but in general I do feel that
the fish is hooked as it attempts to
spit the bait after realising that all is
not right with it. I actually fished on a
small runs water once so I could see
how the fish reacted when they
picked up my hookbaits against picking up the free offerings. On several
occasions I watched how a fish was
able to spit the rig out and then swim
off, only to see the same fish return
within a short time and proceed to
pick up the very same bait but this
time get hooked. It was always when
they were trying to spit the bait that
they were hooked, but only when they
bolted off did I think the hook was set
properly, as sometimes I would lift
into the fish too soon and on those
times I occasionally lost them. I use
longer hairs than a lot of people, and I
agree with Lee that using a longer
hair than normal aids the hook in
dropping down into the bottom lip
and hooking on ejection. I noticed
this while watching them feed, but
when I fished with a short hair I witnessed how much easier it was for
the fish to spit the hook. I was fishing
with bottom baits and snowman baits
at the time so can’t say whether it


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