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Rotary Letter
My old mate Mick Nolan with a 30 from the water we are fishing whilst I continue to blank.
freedom to move separately from the
hook, because in most cases the bait
is heavier than the hook and is what
is being ejected first, leaving the hook
to take purchase once the bait has
fallen from the fish’s mouth.
The length of hooklink also comes
into the equation. A short hooklink
will obviously straighten a lot quicker,
but will the bait be sucked in so readily in the first place? I can remember
back to the 1980s when I’d generally
start off the session using a different
length of hooklink on each rod, all
equipped with a bait on a long hair.
Usually I’d have one rod with a 5in
link, one with a 10in link and the other
with an 18in link. Nine times out of
ten though, by the end of the session,
Why can’t we just buy one of these
plus a sticker for the extra rods?
I would usually end up fishing all
three rods with an 18in link, as this is
what had proved most productive.
How many people fish with an 18in
hooklink these days? Hardly any, I
bet. This was boilie fishing, however –
whenever I used particle type baits I
found the complete opposite to be the
case, and shorter links to work better,
which sort of goes hand in hand with
the bait being ejected and fishing
over a lot of free offerings. God, I think
I’m getting a little confused now –
better turn this computer off now and
partake in a beneficial glass of red
Nice idea Sean, about a small proportion of show entrance fees being
put towards the PAG. I don’t know
quite how they’d avoid paying tax on
it however. Perhaps if the entrance
fee was, say, 20 quid or whatever it
usually is, plus a gift payment of
say a fiver on the door, that would
probably work. You mention not
buying a rod licence, which as
you say, is not the answer, as it’s
a criminal offence. How about if
the EA were to get their heads
together and donate all of the
wasted postage money that
they spend on sending us two
rod licence renewals instead of just
sending us one? I’m sure you all know
what I mean – most carp anglers use
more than two rods, therefore have to
buy two licences, in which case the
EA send us two renewal letters, costing them two lots of postage. This
seems a crazy waste of money to me,
as 1st Class postage is now 60p and
2nd Class around 50p. Multiply that
wasted postage money by the number of anglers that receive two
renewal letters, and that’s quite a lot
of money. There was a time when we
bought one licence and then had the
The culprit managed to eject my
hookbait a couple of times.


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