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Rotary Letter
My pond – I wouldn’t dream of putting in too much salt at this time of year.
option of buying an additional rod
sticker to go on it. Why don’t they
revert back to that, except with the
option to buy an additional two-rod
Going back to the salt issue, you’re
so right, Sean. I think any bait company bringing out a bait product that
will cause a lot of controversy, and
that might possibly cause a bit of
damage in the long-term, are acting
highly irresponsibly. The amount of
alien substances that now get thrown
into our lakes does worry me sometimes. Ok, let’s name names, as I
always believe in honesty – Kevin
Nash. I’d like to think that I’m a bit of
a friend of Kevin’s; we go back a lot of
years, and I’ve got a lot of respect for
him. This time though I think he’s
overstepped the mark, although I’m
certain he’s man enough to take it on
the chin and that we will still remain
friends with a mutual respect for each
other. In another publication Kevin
stated: “I was very mindful of the fact
that anglers could use too much rock
salt and of the possible detrimental
effects that could ensue.” He then
says something that is very sensible;
that it could apply to many baits and
attractors. Then he states: “Introduce
too much rock salt and there could be
a damaging effect.” What? Did I read
that right? A bit later on in the same
article he states: “I went with the
decision to tell, but I was very aware
of my obligation to point out that filling up our lakes with rock salt was
likely to have an impact on the environment.”
Hang on a minute; I’ll just go and
tip a load of old engine oil down the
drain! In my opinion, and if they had
been my thoughts (which they are),
those would’ve been reasons enough
not to draw attention to something
that might cause damage, and reasons not to make it readily known and
available to all. As for anglers not
overdoing it, they will, like they
always do. I see it from a personal
point of view and a shop point of
view. If a free DVD comes out and a
product receives a lot of good publicity, then we sell shed loads of it…
Well, until the next free DVD comes
out advocating something else, that
is. Fortunately I can see the salt thing
being a short-lived fad, because like I
said before, it is only an edge if only a
few are using it. I just hope it is a fad
that doesn’t cause too much damage
along the way.
Jon, some koi keepers put a massive amount of salt in their ponds at
the outset of winter to help kill off parasites and help the fish to over winter.
Even then there’s a lot of controversy
in the koi world as to whether it is
beneficial. The big difference though
is that they only put it in during cold
water conditions because the downside is that it ‘kills off’ the beneficial
biological filtration system, which
doesn’t particularly cause any problems because they don’t usually feed
their fish during the winter anyway.
During the warmer months when
they are feeding their fish however,
they wouldn’t dream of doing it,
because without the biological filtration system to break down fish excrement etc, the water would become
polluted by ammonia, nitrates and
nitrites etc, and the fish would die as
a result. Ok, we’re only talking about
a small body of water as compared to
the lakes that we fish, but put in too
much of something over a short
period of time and it will have a
impact on the environment, as Kevin
quite rightly states.
Well that’s about it from me this
time, boys. I haven’t written as much
as usual and have had my little rant.
I’ll sign out with a little question – further on in the same article, Kevin
Nash states that he avoids PVA bags
because he’s sure that carp have
sussed PVA nowadays. What do the
rest of you think – do you think
they’ve sussed PVA?
See you all next time,
Luvs yer (and you, Kevin). n
PVA – have they sussed it?


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