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Rotary Letter
same week! So I have got a bit lazy
and started to use my fishing time to
catch up on my sleep. In fact there
were three winter sessions in three
weeks where a woke up after 12
hours’ sleep! (Which probably
explains my poor form last winter!).
Dawn is probably is the best time to
see fish show, and I’ll have to start
setting my alarm not to miss out.
The rig questions were interesting
to the point that it illustrates that we
all have slightly different thoughts on
rigs. Dave loves his 360-rig, Jon uses
the multi-rig above all else, Rob is of
course a mag-aligner fan, I like my
low-lying hinged stiff and Sean and
Lee use a variety of rigs. It goes to
show there isn’t an all-singing alldancing rig that everyone agrees on;
in fact not all of us use/like the chod
rig. I think it is an awesome rig in the
right situation, but I agree with Dave
that it is overused and isn’t the cure
all rig for all situations!
Talking about chods, Lee mentioned someone he knows that is trying a chod with a bottom bait. I’m
sure that the presentation on this rig
would be terrible, unless its fished in a
weed-free water on smooth silt,
because in most scenarios the leadcore/line on which the chod swivel
sits is an inch or two off the deck, held
up by weed or an undulating bottom.
So a lot of the time a bottom bait will
sit under the leadcore/line, which I’m
sure you will agree is not ideal. I have
witnessed this whilst out in a boat on
Stoneacre where my pop-up has
taken on too much water and listed
after it has been out after 24 hours. It
fact there was one instance when I
cast a choddy 165 yards towards a
slim gravel bar where the fish were
My version of the hinged stiff rig.
holding, and to my surprise it hit first
time and landed on top. I broke the
golden rule and left it there on the
gravel and baited round it. The bottom bait rods next to it both produced
fish (a 26lb common and I think the
other was a tench), but the choddy
remained in place and was cleared of
bait, which was very rare for me on
After 36 hours in the water the
choddy had listed, as the cork ball
pop-up took on too much water. It
seemed to be sitting ok on the smooth
gravel (not sitting underneath the line
as I have witnessed before) and
looked a better presentation, so I
rebaited with freebies and left it for
another night. Yet again I caught on
the rod next to it and blanked on the
choddy. This put me off choddies with
anything but buoyant baits, and even
though it looked ok, the fish sussed it.
So I’m sure I would have had a worse
presentation with a bottom bait. Also,
casting and finding the hookbaits
from the boat has put me off the short
hinge stiff choddy that was popular a
short while back.
The hookbait tends to sit right next
to the leadcore/line, as the weighted
hinge drops in a gap in the weed or
hollow in the bottom, again giving a
rubbish presentation.
Remaining on the subject of rigs, I
wonder if the original hair rig would
be as effective today with the weedy
waters that we fish? My thinking is
that if the hook is 4in behind the bait
as the fish feeds near it or sucks it in,
then surely the hook stands a good
chance of getting caught up in weed,
rendering it next to useless? I’d be
interested to hear what everyone else
thinks of that, because it’s a very long
time since I last cast a long hair rig
It seems a bit strange not having
any questions this month, but I think
it’s better in a way because we get
the chance to discuss what the others
have written. So until next month,
good luck. n


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