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Elstow 2009
was back at the lake the following week and walked
around for almost two hours
before opting to fish my
favourite swim. After getting
all three rods out to the feature and getting half a bucket of the
spod mix spodded out to the area, I
set about getting the rest of the gear
and the home set up. The wind was
pushing in a southwesterly direction,
which have been good conditions for
this swim in the past. The rods couldn’t have been out for even an hour
when out of the blue the right hand
rod ripped off at a fair old rate. I was
running down the slope to get to the
offending rod when I slipped over and
ended up almost doing the bloody
splits, nearly snapping my farting
tackle in the process. I eventually got
to the rod, picked it up and watched
as the rod took up its full curve and
just held on and let the carp get its
first run out of its system.
Things went really well from then
up until I got it near the margins. I
had seen the carp by this time and it
really did look like quite a large
framed fish. The bloody thing went
ballistic in the margins, spinning and
diving and going off on powerful,
short runs. This went on for a couple
of minutes before I thought I had the
upper hand, and I had the net in the
water ready to land it if it gave me the
opportunity. It came up through the
depths of water shaking its head as it
hit the surface. The net was lifted and
guided towards the carp and it could
have been only inches away from the
net cord when everything went slack.
I watched open mouthed as the carp
just sat there for a second or two
before it angled its head down and
disappeared into the depths.
Standing there with the net in one
hand and the rod in the other I
replayed the fight in my head. I hadn’t
eased off the pressure; I had made
sure I kept a tight line on it at all
times. The carp was beaten, and all
that was left to do was net it, then the
bloody hook flew out of its mouth.
Bloody hell! I was fuming and muttering profanities to no one in particular.
After calming down I got the rod
clipped up, got it back out to the area,
got up to the bivvy and sat and had a
strong cup of coffee and half a dozen
smokes to settle me down.
I managed to stay up until gone
2am before calling it a day and getting my head down for a few hours.
There had been a few carp showing
near the area I was fishing to so I was
hopeful of some action during the
course of the remainder of the night.
What was left of the night soon
passed by and I was just lying there
having my first ciggy of the morning
watching a nice slick coming from
the area I was fishing to. A couple of
bleeps from the middle rod had me
throwing the cover off and sitting on
the edge of the bedchair, hoping that
the rod would rip off. A couple of more
bleeps occurred before the alarm
started to sing its song, crying for
some attention. I rather gingerly
made my way down to where the rod
was, picked it up and lifted into the
carp. The rod hooped over and the
clutch was purring away as the carp
tried its hardest to shake the hook. It
was to be a fairly short scrap, and I
soon had the fish in the margins.
I had to weigh it twice as it looked bigger – 30lb 5oz.


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