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Elstow 2009
It weeded me up for a while, but constant pressure got it moving again – 34lbs 4oz
Once in the margins I eased off the
pressure a little, as I didn’t want a repetition of the previous day. Things
were to go my way and it wasn’t to be
too many minutes later that a rather
nice sized carp was sat in my net.
I sorted everything out ready for the
weighing and some self takes. Hoisting my prize on to the scales I
watched as the needle settled at 30lb
5oz. I had to re-weigh it as I thought
the carp was bigger than that, but the
scales showed the same weight when
I checked them again. The thing that
had thrown me with the weight was
that the carp was really deep bodied,
but it didn’t have the width to go with
it. I got a couple of cracking pictures
before getting it back in the pond.
I was pretty confident that I would
get another chance during the
remainder of the morning but for
whatever reason the carp were not
playing ball. At about 2pm I wound
the rods in and went for a walk
around the lake. I looked in all the
usual places to see if I could locate
any carp, but it wasn’t until I was
coming back towards the swim I was
fishing in that I found a few of them in
some snags. This convinced me that
the majority of the carp must be out in
the open water somewhere.
I was back in my swim by 5pm, and
I still had half a bucket of my spod
concoction ready for spodding. After
getting some fresh baits onto the rigs
I got the three rods out to the area
and spent the next half hour depositing the rest of the spod mix out to the
feature. The rest of the day and night
passed by and I didn’t see or hear any
carp even though I stayed up till gone
I was up before first light, watching
the water for any signs of activity. It
wasn’t until gone 8am that I saw my
first fish, which showed to the right of
the feature. At last it seemed that they
had decided to wake up and possibly
play ball. During the next hour or so I
saw more than a dozen carp show
around the area. Things went quiet on
the fish spotting front for a while but
the area had started to slick up rather
well as the carp got their heads down
on the bait. Roughly twenty minutes
passed before I received a one-toner
from the right hand rod. I was on the
rod pretty quickly, and as I lifted into
the fish it hooped over nicely as the
carp powered off into the deeper
water at the back of the feature.
Even though I had kept the pres-
sure on the carp the bloody thing had
still taken enough line and had managed to get into a weedbed. I made
my way back up to the top of the
swim and really put a serious amount
of pressure on the rod. After a few
seconds of this I felt a couple of taps
through the rod from the carp as it
started to move again. The carp then
went on another long run to the left of
the feature before coming to the surface. From there on in it didn’t cause
too many problems and was soon in
the waiting net. I got all the necessary
bits together in order to do the weighing and was more than happy to see
the needle on the scales settle at
34lbs 4oz. We got a few pictures
before getting it back into the lake.
I didn’t bother to put the rod out
that I had just had the fish on straight
away as the area was still slicking up.
I went up to the top of the swim made
a cup of coffee, had a ciggy, and just
kept watching the water. As soon as
the area stopped slicking up I got the
rod back out to the spot. I was pleasantly surprised some fifteen minutes
after casting that rod back out that
the area started to slick up again. It
took a little while before the next run
came but the middle rod just roared


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