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Elstow 2009
off about an hour after the slicking
started up again. The scrap this one
put up was pretty one-sided initially
and it didn’t really wake up until it got
near the margins. After a couple of
mad dashes though I soon had things
under control and netted another nice
looking carp. Once the weighing was
completed, which saw the needle
spin round to 31lb 7oz, I set about getting some self takes done before
releasing the carp. I had hoped to get
amongst a few more carp during the
remaining night and day of the session but this was not to be.
I was unable to fish the lake during
the next few weeks, as I had promised
my wife that we could have a nice
holiday out in Portugal. I also had a
trip out to France planned once we
got back from Portugal. It had been
almost three weeks since I had last
been to the lake and I was chaffing at
the bit to get down there.
We are now just into the second
week of August, and during the past
couple of years it has been a very productive time of year for me on this
lake. There has been one down side to
this, though – the amount of hook
pulls that have been experienced has
been unbelievable. This has not just
happened to me, but a fair amount of
the other syndicate members have
had the same problem. I can remember reading an article a few years ago
by Mr. Clements, and he and a really
nice guy called Steve Watson had
started to play around with a rig that
became known as the 90 rig, Steve
had been shown this rig on one of the
other lakes that he fished. This was
the rig that they both used to good
effect at the time to get around the
problems of the hook pulls. The hook
pulls had been happening to the
anglers long before I was even a
member of the syndicate.
I decided I was going to stay with
the line-aligner for now, and just hope
that I didn’t start losing to many fish.
By the time I had got my hemp and a
few other bits sorted out, I didn’t
manage to get down to the lake until
almost 10am. I had a walk around for
a while and from past experience I
kind of knew where I wanted to be
fishing. There were three other lads
on the lake, and I couldn’t believe that
my favourite swim was free. I was on
the opposite side of the lake looking
out at the water between my
favourite swim and the one next door
to that. In a 20-minute period I saw
seven carp head and shoulder in the
general area of the plateau in front of
the swim that I would be going to
After a pretty brisk walk back to the
car park I soon had all the gear loaded
and made my way to my chosen
swim. The marker float was soon flying out to the area and the crack that
came through the rod as the lead hit
the deck was mental. The rods were
already set up with tubing and lead
clips. I got some leads onto the clips
and got the rods cast out to the
marker, clipped the rods up and
marked the lines with some pole elastic. They were then wound in and I set
about tying some rigs up. They were
simple rigs, but they were quite long,
somewhere in the region of 14in.
Once these had been completed and
the various baits attached – a pop-up,
a bottom bait and a heavy bottom bait
– they were soon tied to the swivels
and the rods were cast out to the
spot. I left the rod with the heavy bait
A mad brawl in the margins before this 31lb 7oz nutter was netted.


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