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Old School Carping
Why so much interest in
the old school stuff? It’s
simple really; the Internet
is crammed with modern
carp carping videos,
blogs, media and articles,
but very little on carping
40 or 50 years ago, hence
the first of our Old School
Carping books.
Volume 1
Older carpers often
remark to me how much
carp fishing has changed
since the old days and
very often ask me if I
prefer modern day
carping to that of the
early days. Let me start
by saying to our younger
readers that it would be
very difficult to imagine
just how different carp
fishing is today compared
to when I started in the late 60s and early 70s;
in fact it bears no resemblance whatsoever.
The tackle, for one thing, could not be much
more different, and not just rods and reels but
every single item in your tackle box. The main
difference is the quantity and size of the fish
available today; it’s quite staggering. That’s
why my answer to the second part of the
question above is yes and no. Yes, I preferred
it years ago because there were far fewer
anglers, and it was all new, but no because big
carp were few and far between.
I caught my first double in 1970. I had fished
numerous waters in
search of a 20, most of
which did not contain
any. I had to wait a
further 13 years before I
caught my first 30 in
1983 but caught several
that year in the end,
which for that time was
virtually unheard of.
There were hardly any
books, magazines or
videos, and the Internet
did not exist, so the
information highway did
not exist, and people
would have laughed at
you if you told them you
were going all the way to
France to fish for carp…
but now everyone does
So, we have something a bit different in this
book – old school stories from the good old
days, brought about mainly because of
interest on the social networks from groups of
carp anglers, some old and some young, with
an interest in what it was like back then, at the
start, when carp had no names, Lenny hadn’t
tied a hair to a hook, and Fred hadn’t boiled a
round ball of bait.
Some names you will recognise, but some you
will not. The term old school means different
things to different people, all relative to when
you started, so excuse a couple of 80s
chapters; it’s still almost 40 years ago!
Rob Maylin
PAY BY CARD – 01252 373658


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