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Elstow 2009
A cracking looking carp that certainly knew how to scrap – 31lb 8oz.
a nice fish that was soon back in the
pond. My 72-hour limit was fast
approaching so I decided not to
bother putting that rod back out. All I
could do was hope that the two
remaining rods got another chance of
a pick-up.
The area had started to slick up
again and some 45 minutes later the
middle alarm was screaming out its
tune, begging for some attention.
After picking the rod up it soon
became obvious that I had a good fish
on the other end of the line. It was to
be some ten minutes later that I
caught my first glimpse of the carp as
it came into the margins, and it
looked really long and quite dark in
colour. After a few hairy moments
under the rod tip a nice carp was at
last netted. Everything was made
ready for the weighing and some photos, and as I lifted him up on the
scales I was happy to note a weight of
31lb 8oz, a very nice carp to end the
session with. A few pictures were
taken before releasing it; everything
was packed away, and I made my
way up to the car park. I would be
back the following week, my confidence levels having gone up a few
My next session the following week
was kind of weird weather wise. I had
been looking at the weather reports
on the computer over the course of
the weekend. They were forecasting
straight northerly winds, which for
August were quite unusual. I had got
all the necessary bait sorted out on
the Sunday and got the boilies soaking in with the hemp so that when I
got to the lake on the Monday they
should be nice and soft. I couldn’t get
to the lake to early, as it wasn’t our
rota, so I had to wait until gone midday before I could even go onto the
lake. Upon arrival I sat on Steve’s
bench in the car park swim just
watching the water for a while. After
half an hour I decided to go for a walk
around the rest of the lake. I was still
none the wiser after doing a full circuit of the pond and decided once
again to just sit on the bench and
Sometimes the bloody carp can be
buggers to find; I had been at the lake
well over two hours and still hadn’t
seen a thing. I then saw something
straight out in front of me at about 30
yards that I thought was a carp, but
the show had been so subtle I wasn’t
100 per cent sure.
For the next twenty minutes I just
kept scanning the water just in front
of the swim in front of me. Now I kid
you not; the bloody carp were there
alright, and there were quite a few
showing. The trouble was all you
could see when they showed was
them coming out of the water just up
to the gills, and what with the ripple
on the water, unless you were looking
straight at where they were coming
up you wouldn’t have seen them.
Unbelievable – August and the buggers are showing in water that was
over 30ft deep. The bonus of fishing
this swim is that it takes no time at all
to get all the gear into the swim and
get set up – all the gear straight out of
the van and 20 yards down the slope
into the swim. Not that I’m lazy or
anything, but what a result!
It’s strange; sometimes you think to
yourself, oh boy it really does look
good for a few chances. I was so confident that I was going to catch a few.
Casting out to the left of the swim I
found the gravely area at about 40
yards range and decided to cast to
the right of the marker float in roughly
22ft of water. I spodded out half a
bucket of the mix and got the three
rods out to the area. Two of the rods
had bottom baits on and the third had
a pop-up attached. The carp showed
on and off over the course of the next
couple of days, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t for the life of me
buy a bite.


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