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Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme
NIFCA (Northumberland
Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority) are
delighted to be supporting the Anglers National
Line Recycling Scheme
(ANLRS) in Northumberland. The scheme was
launched in Sussex in
2016, then rolled out
nationally in 2018 and aims to provide
a route to recycle angling line including braided fishing lines, monofilament and fly lines. The aim is to
establish an easy way to discard and
recycle these lines to prevent them
from ending up in the marine environment or landfill. We routinely see
angling lines washed up or discarded
Have You Got What it Takes?
Carp Team England Ladies are the
most highly decorated ladies’ team in
the world with numerous gold, silver
and bronze medals at international
We’re looking at expanding our
squad and opening our doors to any
ladies out there over the age of 18 to
come and join us for trials.
As you will appreciate, representing your country at the highest level
needs skill, determination and a very
high standard of angling. A photo
album of fish is not what we are after.
It’s a good mindset, a good basic
standard and an ability to learn and fit
in with a highly motivated and successful team. The minimum requirement is consistent accurate casting
with a baited rig and a Spomb at 100
yards (25 wraps). We will also look at
use of the throwing stick at the same
There will be a stage 1 assessment
on the evening of 23rd July at Drayton
Reservoir NN11 8YY between 5pm9pm. If you are interested and can
make it, we’d love to see you. If you’re
interested but can’t make it, please let
us know.
The trials will be open to anyone
interested in getting involved with
Carp Team England Ladies, and candidates meeting the required standard will commence training with the
squad in preparation for squad selection for 2020 events. As well as wearing the three lions, there are tackle
incentives and opportunities, so
now’s the time to get practising and
show us what you can do.
Please email;
if you wish to attend, or if you have
any questions.
Carp Team England Ladies Contacts: Bev Clifford, Ladies Carp Team
England Manager, Tel; 07811 108785.
Rob Hughes, Carp Team England
Head of Development, Tel; 07939
Angling Trust Media Contact: For
further information please contact
Sandra Johnson, Competitions
Administration Manager, tel: 0115 822
4519 email: sandra.johnson@angling n
on beaches throughout
the district, often tangled
into balls with other
debris. The line is
extremely strong, does
not breakdown easily,
and is a threat to marine
ANLRS hope to promote and spread the
word about this work but need support from other organisations. NIFCA
have donated £500 to the scheme and
have purchased bins to be set up in
tackle shops and other convenient
locations along the coast. There are
263 tackle shops and over 70 freshwater fisheries currently signed up to the
scheme around the
country, so hopefully we can help
bring it to the
North East.
Anglers, or
people who
have collected
discarded line,
can deposit it into
the bins. The locations of the bins can be
found through the ANLRS website recyclinglocations.
NIFCA have also teamed up with
Coast Care, a fantastic volunteer-led
organisation who conduct beach
cleans in the
N o r t h u m b e rl a n d A O N B.
They regularly
collect large
quantities of
discarded line
from Northumb e r l a n d
beaches. All litter collected is
recorded, so far
this year over
750 bundles of
angling line have been picked up. The
Coast Care team are delighted to be
part of the process to recycle this
waste and keep it out of the marine
All line will be collected and sent to
be recycled. Various products have
already been manufactured in the UK
from the recycled line, line spools and
single use plastics including bins and
This is a brilliant initiative, and
NIFCA wish it continued success and
support in the future. n


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