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Elstow 2009
It wasn’t until my final morning
that the left hand rod rattled off; I had
just about given up hope and had
resigned myself to a blank. I played
the carp really gingerly, as I didn’t
want it falling off, which could be why
the crazy thing beat me up pretty
badly. It had gone down the shelf into
the deeper water and had used its
weight to good effect to just hold its
ground, plodding around in over 30ft
of water. It took a little while to get it
moving properly, and I had to be careful, as there is a bad snag just to the
right hand side of the swim. I was
watching it as it came up through the
depths, twisting and turning, trying to
get some speed up to go on a run. It
had been on a fair while by now, and I
thought that I had a good enough
hook hold so piled on the pressure,
and it wasn’t too much longer before
a pretty big carp was making its way
over the drawcord of the landing net.
All the bits needed for the weighing
and photos were sorted out, and I
then got a visit from one of the other
lads who offered to do the pictures.
We got the carp into the sling and
hoisted up onto the scales, which
ended up settling at 38lb 2oz. I was
really happy and even managed a sort
of smile in a couple of the shots. After
getting the carp back in the lake, I got
all packed up and was on my way
home some 20 minutes later.
When I got home, I mulled over the
way the carp had been behaving during the last three days that I had been
at the lake and came to the conclusion that maybe they hadn’t really
been interested in feeding. Or maybe
it could just have been that I had
fished like a twit and didn’t really
deserve to catch any more than one!
The rest of the week flew past in a bit
of a blur and the weekend was a nice
sociable time for the wife and me, and
before you knew it Monday arrived
and I was back at the lake having a
good look around trying to figure out
which swim to fish in. I didn’t know at
the time, but the lake was about to
give me a kick up the arse.
Whilst walking around the lake I
had just gone past the swim to the
left of my favourite swim and caught
sight of a carp crashing out. Sometimes it really doesn’t pay to be a
stubborn git. After getting everything
set up in the swim I sat and watched
carp for three days showing a little
further to the left of where I was fishing. I really had been convinced that
A stonking looking carp that didn’t quite reach the snag – 38lb 2oz.
they would move onto the area where
the rods were positioned. The thing is
that during the three days my spot
had slicked up on quite a few occasions, which led me to believe that I
would get a chance, so I was loath to
move. The other thing that made me
stay put was the amount of bait I had
put out!
On this occasion I knew that I had
fished badly, and I packed up once my
72 hours were up. Once I had got the
van loaded I sat in it looking at the
lake. Bloody hell – I was properly mad
at myself. All it would have taken was
for me to move and I would probably
have caught. Act on what your eyes
tell you – I hadn’t, and it had wound
me up big style!
By the Sunday night I had calmed
down a bit, and got all the necessary
bait sorted out ready for my next session the following morning. I had
looked at the weather forecast and
noted rather gloomily that the
northerly winds were to persist during the following few days! After
arriving at the lake I set about having
the obligatory walk around. My first
port of call was the Reedy swim, and
after peering into the bay at the back
of the swim and only seeing a couple


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