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Elstow 2009
of carp I made my way down the
other end of the lake, keeping an eye
on the middle of the lake just in case
something showed. I had a really
good look around all the normal areas,
and even when I got round to the
Inflator swim I was gobsmacked
when I looked in the roped off snags
to the right of the swim and found it
to be devoid of any fish! I knew that it
was still early in the day and that
some carp normally move into some
of the snaggy swims a little later in
the day, but I was still left scratching
my head. I carried on walking and
ended up sitting at the top of the
slope in my favourite swim for a little
while just watching and hoping.
It was whilst sitting there that I
saw a carp roll just to the right of the
main feature in this swim, and judging by the amount of water it shifted
it looked like a fairly big fish. I sat
there for another half an hour and saw
a further five shows. It may have been
the same carp showing but so far it
was the only place I had seen any
activity, so I made the choice of going
to get the gear and getting set up in
the swim. By the time I had got back
to the swim with my gear it soon
became apparent that over the weekend someone had fished the swim, as
the area above the feature was slicking up. Taking my time I set about
getting the home set up and sorting a
few other bits out. I got the rods set
up and decided to fish all three differently. One was set up with a 14mm
pop-up tipped with plastic corn, the
second rod was set up with a 14mm
bottom bait also tipped with plastic
corn, and the third rod was going to
be fished with a heavy hookbait also
tipped with plastic corn.
What with the slicking that I had
observed when I walked back into the
swim earlier I was a tad concerned
about launching the marker float out
to the area. However it had to go out
there, and a couple of minutes later I
was spot on the money at about 50
yards range fishing in a depth of 14
and a half feet. I had to cast each rod
out to the area in order to put the pole
elastic line marker on the lines, and
once I had this done I dispatched
each rod out to the spot. For the next
hour all I did was spod, and in the end
I had put a full bucket of my mix out
to the area – plenty of grub for them
should they decide to turn up. After
all the disturbance I wasn’t expecting
any immediate action, and had
resigned myself to the fact that it
would probably be the next morning
before I would get a chance of a carp.
Can you imagine how startled I
was a few hours later when the rod
with the bottom bait on just
screamed off? The new rigs I was
tying up went flying all over the
bloody place as I made my way down
the slope to the middle rod. After
picking the rod up and winding down
into the carp I shouted out “Contact”
as the rod bent over rather nicely.
After a long battle out in the open
water my prize made its way into the
margins where I caught my first
glimpse of a fair sized carp way down
in the depths.
From there on it wasn’t to be much
longer before I got the fish on the surface where it was safely netted. The
carp was left in the net whilst I ran
around like a headless chicken get-
The start of another special session – 36lb 12oz.


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