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Elstow 2009
ting everything sorted for the weighing and photos (I wasn’t expecting to
get a fish so early on).
Once the carp was in the weigh
sling I hoisted it up on the scales and
was pleased to see the needle spin
round to 31lb 8oz. I tried to take a few
pictures with the remote but for some
reason the camera kept coming up
with ‘memory card corrupted’. It took
a few minutes before I got the thing to
work at last (or thought I had). The
carp had been out of the lake for long
enough, and I decided to release it.
After checking the bait and hook I
had a cast up the margin and got the
rod clipped up before getting it back
out to the spot. The rest of the day
soon passed by without so much as a
bleep from any of the alarms. After a
late evening meal and a nice big mug
of Gold Blend, I sat on the cliff watching the whole lake and noticed a couple of carp crashing out up the other
end in the deeps. The thing is, I
wasn’t overly concerned, as I had
already caught what I would describe
as a bonus fish and still had three
nights and two days to go, so I was
Its belly looked a tad empty – 34lb 9oz.
more than confident of getting
another chance. Apart from seeing
something roll (it may have been a
tench) just behind the feature at
about midnight I didn’t hear or see
anything else, so I decided to call it a
day and got my head down just
before 1am.
It felt as if I had only just shut my
eyes when I was rather rudely
brought back to my senses by this
very loud buzzer noise coming from
the sounder box. Even by the time I
had got down to the rod I was still on
remote control. It took a fair while to
realise that I wasn’t dreaming and
that I actually had a carp on the end
of the rod trying its damnedest to pull
my bloody arm off. Luckily for me the
carp managed to find the sanctuary of
a weedbed, which had me going back
up the slope to the top of the swim in
order to get a better angle on it, and it
also give me the chance to really
shake the cobwebs from my head.
After tightening right down on the
clutch and walking backwards a couple of paces, I felt a juddering sensation coming through the rod followed
by a couple of kicks from the carp as
it made its way out of the weed. For
whatever reason the fight from there
on in was totally one-sided and a few
minutes later I netted what looked
like a pretty big carp. I secured the
carp in the landing net, and sorted all
the gear I was going to need for the
weighing and photos. After checking
the camera I decided to take the
memory card out and replace it with
the emergency one that can only hold
ten pictures. Having got everything
ready, I went over and lifted the net
out and got it over to the unhooking
mat. It soon became apparent why
the fight had been a little disappointing – the carp was absolutely covered
in weed and I guess he was kind of
blinded. I got him sorted, unhooked
him, got him into the weigh sling and
hoisted him up. I was over the moon
when the needle went round to 36lb
12oz. Bloody fantastic! I got a couple
of nice shots before getting him back
into the lake. I had a quick tidy up
before sorting the rod out and sending it back out to the area. I got back
in the bivvy, had a smoke and then


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