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Elstow 2009
later. She also kindly volunteered,
after a bit of persuading, to take a
detour and pop in to Burger King
before coming to the lake (cheers,
babe). That was two problems sorted
out, and I just needed to attach a fresh
bait and get that rod fishing again. A
couple of minutes later the rod was
back out on the spot.
The morning was flying past and I
hadn’t caught a glimpse of another
carp. I wasn’t overly concerned
though, as I was doing okay and there
was plenty of time for a few more yet.
Sometimes when fishing the lake I
would wind the rods in around about
lunchtime. Generally by this time the
feeding spell is over and it’s time to
redo the rods and get some more bait
out to the area. For whatever reason
though, I left them out there fishing
and was rather surprised to see the
area start slicking up at nearly two in
the afternoon. As a rule most of the
action, dependent on the time of year,
occurs from first light up until about
eleven or twelve o’clock.
It was almost forty minutes later
that the middle rod’s alarm let out a
single beep before roaring off. I made
my way down the bank, picked the
rod up and just stood there with it in
my hand as the carp peeled line from
the spool. Four clicks later the clutch
was almost tightened as far as it
would go and the cyclone that was
attached to the end was still taking
line. No bloody way – you have just
got to be kidding me! Even with my
finger on the spool it was still going
for it. All I could do was watch and
hope that it would ease up a tad. It
did, but when it hit the surface of the
lake I was left shaking my head in
wonder as it came to a stop some 20
yards from the swim opposite. I really
didn’t want to be playing it in all the
way from there on the surface, and
the carp was obliging as I led it back
towards me on a long line. No madness from this one; just a small
amount of plodding around as it
slowly made its way to the waiting
net where in it went at the first time
of asking. It must have done itself in
on the initial run. You can’t complain
French Holiday Destination
Everything was soon organised for
the weighing and pictures, and as I
hoisted the carp in the weigh sling I
watched once again as the needle
flew past the 30lb bracket and settled
at 34lb 4oz. I could only take a couple
of shots of the carp, as that memory
card was full once again. After getting
the carp back in the lake I decided to
just leave the two remaining rods out
there for another hour before bringing
them back in and giving the swim a
bit of a rest. Fresh baits were
attached to all three rigs and I then
put half a bucket of my spod mix out
to the area. Once this was completed
I set about tidying the swim up a tad
before the other half arrived with the
memory card, and more importantly a
large Double Whopper with a strawberry milkshake! An hour or so later,
after a kiss and a cuddle, I sat there
with the remains of my feast spread
around my feet. A quick tidy up followed, before getting the rods ready
and sending the rigs back out to the
spot. n
Day Ticket Carp Fishery
28lb 14oz
Ghost common
France’s premier runs water
07810 710 880
Angler: Lofty Speed
Capture date: 21st April 2017
L: 01270 812929
M: 07747 007669
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