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Testing Times
t’s been a couple of months
since my last diary. I missed
last month as Rob had a
backlog of material that he
wanted to get in, but it actually did me a favour as I
hardly fished in April due to a week
away at the start of the month with
my kids, and then my mum was taken
ill, so I missed the last couple of
weeks as I was always at the hospital.
As I sit here though on the 8th of
June, sadly, we are starting to hear of
a few fish deaths around the country.
Only last week when I was writing
my part for the Rotary Letter I commented that so far there have been no
deaths to speak of other than hearing
that Mike Wilmott had sadly lost one
of his original commons. Yet, just a
week later I have heard of a few.
Cemex’s Kingsmead One lost its
Thorpe Park Common, Tolpits lost its
Long Common, Dorchester lost its Big
Common, Split Dorsal died in Frensham Little Lake and the Road Lake
lost the Big Dink. There may well
have been others; I haven’t heard yet,
but all in all it’s been a bad week. I’ll
talk more about the Big Dink’s demise
in the diary next month, but I just
want to say how I feel for everyone
who has been targeting any of these
fish that have gone; I know from
experience how this feels.
Before I get into what I’ve been
doing over the last couple of months
I’ll do as I always do and mention a
few captures from friends. There’s
only one person I’m going to mention
t h i s m o n t h a n d t h a t ’s M a r c u s
Howarth again. Over the last couple
of months Marcus has been concentrating on a southern pit near to his
home and he’s been doing pretty
well. That’s an understatement really,
as he’s quietly smashing the place!
He’s sent me just a small selection of
the fish he’s had, and I’ve included six
or seven of the best ones. On a couple
of sessions he had multiple captures,
and all of these captures came to
Sticky Baits Vor-tex pop-ups glugged
in L-Zero 30 fished over a bed of
mixed 12mm and 16mm Vor-tex. He
also managed to get married in this
time too for his sins, so we’ll see if his
fishing time starts to get limited now
he’s under the thumb! He knows I’m
only joking. Congratulations to the
both of you; I wish you a long and
happy marriage... Right, enough of
this, lets get on to what I’ve been
A day after the start of the close
season I headed off for a week away
in Somerset with the kids, but the following Monday I was back out and
headed off to Vinnetrow bound for my
first session on there in search of the
Half Lin. For those that don’t know,
the lake is around ten acres, is pretty
shallow with an average depth of 56ft and contains around 40 carp. It
also has a good head of tench and a
lot of pike. After signing in and having
a good walk round through the morning I decided on a swim known as the
First Noddy swim (quite apt really for
me), as I had looked at the coming
weather and the wind was due to
blow into this area. I had spoken to
Jon Mac a bit about the place, as he
had fished there and made the place
look easy (as Jon does) despite it having the reputation of being far from it.
As I set up just after lunchtime so
the rain started, and this continued
through the afternoon and evening.
Once I had leaded about and found a
RIP the Big Dink. John Casey, aka
Slippery, with the Big Dink at its
biggest weight of 43lb10oz. This fish
will be missed by many.


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