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Testing Times
Marcus with a 36lb 8oz mirror, the
largest of a seven-fish catch all on
Sticky baits Vortex glugged in L-Zero
couple of areas that I was happy to
present baits, I fired out a scattering
of freebies over each spot. It was
quite a shock to find just how shallow
the lake was, as I had been on the
Road Lake, which was a fair bit
deeper. Eventually I was sorted and
got out of the rain but with strong
winds and heavy rain I saw nothing
all evening. I sat up until 2am hoping
that I would see something, but in the
end I decided to get a few hours’
I was back up at 5am and resumed
watching the lake for any signs of
activity. The wind turned from a
southwesterly to a strong westerly,
but as the day passed I still saw nothing. Eventually, at 3.23pm, I saw a fish
show twice out in the middle of the
lake, probably in a swim known as
First Snags’ water but seeing as there
was a guy in there I stayed put. A
couple of hours later at just after
5.30pm I saw what I was sure was a
carp just poke its head out slightly
right of my right rod at about 35
yards, then 20 minutes later a good
mid-30 mirror came out of the water
twice again just to the right of my
right rod. This is just what I wanted,
and to be honest I felt quite confident
as the evening came. The wind had
brought the fish into the area and
throughout the evening I watched as
a few different fish showed out in
front of me and also to my left.
I stayed up until just after midnight,
but when I woke the following morning nothing had happened and I
couldn’t quite believe it. It was a
chilly start to the day and it was also
pretty overcast. A little after 8am a
fish showed three times over to my
left into the corner of the lake, but
again I stayed put as there was someone in the corner swim. Late morning
saw another fish show over in the far
left corner and then all went quiet.
After I had had a spot of lunch, I
reeled in and went for a look round
the lake in the hope of finding where
they were held up. It was clear that
the bulk of the fish were held up in my
left corner and in front of me, but from
what I could see they were bang on
the naturals and I couldn’t see me
getting a bite. I decided to return to
where I was set up and get the rods
back out, and soon after I did the rain
returned and the wind turned northwesterly. I had not seen another fish
and didn’t hear anything during the
night either.
I was back up just before 5am but
didn’t see my first show until just
before 8am. Again, a fish showed
twice, and from what I had seen they
often did this, just to the left of a swim
known as the Patio at a range of
about 70 yards. I saw one other possible show but was pretty sure that it
was a tench and after that I called it a
day, as I was timed out. There is a 72hour rule on Vinnetrow with no return
within 48 hours. After signing out, I
headed home. I would normally head
off to another lake for a couple of
nights but I had a gas delivery coming
on the Friday morning. I should have
gone elsewhere though because
there was a cock-up with the gas and
I ended up driving into deepest Kent
to collect it from a haulage depot. It
was all sorted in the end though.
In the early hours of Monday morning I was back at Vinny and after
doing a couple of laps I opted on the
swim known as First Snags. I had
seen a fish show long out in front of
the swim, and as that had been the


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