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Testing Times
only thing to go on and the swim was
free then that would do for starters. I
cast a single Sticky white chocolate
pop-up on a multi rig with a light lead
out to where I had seen the show and
got a good drop on it at the first cast.
I left that rod as a single hookbait and
then set about having a cast about
with a light lead to find a close in spot
for the other rod.
After a few casts I found a spot at
around 30 yards that was in line with
a tree on the far margin. Again I cast
a pop-up rig out to the spot with a
white chocolate hookbait but this
time fired out a scattering of Vor-tex
16mm freebies around it.
With the rods sorted, I set up the
rest of my kit and got the kettle on for
a brew. Once it was made, I sat
watching the water, and within an
hour or so spotted a fish show pretty
close to the left rod that was out long.
This was close to where I had seen
the first fish show. In the early afternoon, the wind spun round from a
northeasterly to a southwesterly, and
then a little after 2pm I noticed
another fish show out on the long
spot. As the afternoon passed so the
wind picked up, and by early evening
the wind was blowing hard. I didn’t
see any more fish but at 10pm that
night I had a couple of bleeps off the
right rod. The remainder of the night
was very quiet though other than the
wind, which continued to blow.
The following morning remained
quiet, as did most of the day. It continued to rain up until late morning
when it eased and the sun broke
through. I did see a bit of colouring up
of the water at about 40 yards, but on
climbing up a nearby tree I soon
realised that it was in fact tench that
were doing it. I was happy that the
hookbaits would still be popped up,
as I had tested them out before and
had got three days out of them, so I
left them where they were. At 7.10pm
I saw a small carp roll over right down
the other end of the lake in front of the
Lawn area, but both the Reception
and Lawn swims were occupied, so I
couldn’t move even if I wanted to. I
did have a feeling that the fish were
up there though on the wind. At
8.25pm I had a tench off the right
hand rod, but other than that I had
another quiet night.
Once again I was up at first light,
but I had to wait until a few minutes
before 8am before I saw anything. A
fish poked its head out about five
yards to the left of my right rod, and
then a few minutes later the same fish
showed again but this time slightly
further left. There was also a bit of
colouring to the water so I thought
that there could actually be a couple
of fish out there. After an hour or so
though the clouded area cleared, and
it soon became apparent that they
had moved on and my chance of a
bite had passed. I gave it until
lunchtime, and then packed up and
headed off up to Cemex’s Kingsmead
One where I had arranged to have a
bit of a social with John (Slippery).
I arrived at the lake a little after
2.30pm and walked round to see John
who was set up in the Left Point. I
dropped in to a swim down to his left,
the Right Dugout, with the intention
of moving in the morning into the
Right Point when the guy occupying
was leaving. I cast out a couple of singles for the first night with 16mm
Sticky Baits Buchu Berry pop-ups on.
But to be fair, all the shows that I saw
Marcus with a 31lb 14oz mirror.


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