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Testing Times
were more over in front of John and
the Right Point. The night was quiet,
but the following morning I moved
into the Right Point; in fact I doubled
up in there with John. I cast fresh
baits out but remained on the Buchu
Berry as most of the fish had been
coming to bright singles. That afternoon and early evening it was quiet,
but just on dark the fish put on a
proper show. Sadly though, the majority of them were showing short on the
far margin, and with all the swims
opposite taken we had no option
other than to stay where we were.
The following morning the fish
showed again, but this time they
were more over in our water than
opposite. I decided to reel in and put
fresh hookbaits on, but this time I
opted to go with the ever reliable
Sticky Vor-tex pop-ups that I had
glugged in the company’s L-Zero 30.
These were topped with a small piece
of the ESP buoyant sweetcorn.
There were a few more shows
throughout the morning, then at
(Top) Sticky Baits L-Zero 30, a
brilliant addition to the Vor-tex popups..
(Below) Marcus with his last one, a
36lb 8oz southern pit common.
2.25pm I had a take on the left rod.
John had warned me that the K1 fish
scrap, but I dismissed it and continued to fish locked up. I soon realised
what he meant though, and within a
minute or so I was having to give it
line, as the fish went on a powerful
run. I eventually got things under
control though, and after a few
attempts to get down my left margin,
I managed to get a plump mirror
ready for the net. John did the honours netting it for me, and on looking
in the net, there sat a dumpy little mirror typical of some of the K1 stock. On
the scales it went 30lb 10oz, and after
a few quick pictures I slipped it back.
Although not the prettiest of carp, it
was still a carp all the same, and I was
happy that on my first visit to the lake
I had caught myself a K1 carp. I got
the rig back out to the area and hoped
that I would get another pick-up, but
all went quiet and no more showed
that afternoon.
Oli, the K1 head bailiff joined us


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