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Testing Times
that evening and dropped in the Left
Point. I think we sat up most of the
night putting the world to rights and
talking bollocks, but it was a good
night as we hadn’t chatted properly
for some time. We also heard a few
fish go over too, but to be honest it
was more of a social than serious
At 10am the next morning I packed
up and headed for home. It was my
daughter’s birthday and we had got
her tickets to see JLS. While I was at
home though I received a call from
my brother to say that he had been
trying to get hold of my mum but
couldn’t, and could I just call round to
check on her. I did this despite being
in a bit of a rush, and it’s a good job I
did, as when I got there I found her
unconscious and had to call for an
ambulance. I’m not going into detail,
but basically my mum was not at all
well and the next few weeks were
taken up in the hospital.
In early May though, I managed to
get back out on the bank and on the
evening of the 2nd May I arrived back
at Vinnetrow. When I arrived, the lake
was busy and the wind was blowing
towards the First Snag, but as that
was taken I dropped into the Sluice
swim further along the bank. By
about 9pm I had a couple of rigs out
on pop-ups on small clear spots in
amongst the eel grass; both baits
were on singles. The weed had come
up a fair bit while I had been away,
and it was harder to get decent drops
on the rods.
At around 10.30pm a few fish
started showing in front of me and
slightly left of me towards the Patio
swim. I stayed up until about 1am but
the shows stopped around midnight,
and as I got into bed all was quiet. I
was back up at 4.45am and as I sat
there making a brew I received a couple of bleeps from the left rod. Five
minutes later I had a few more bleeps
and I felt that I was in with a chance
of an early morning bite. By 10am
though I was still sitting there waiting
for something to materialise. I had a
feeling that the fish had moved further along the back. The guy in First
Snag had left, and after seeing what I
thought was a carp stick its head out
at range in front of that swim I
decided to move.
Once I had set my kit up I went for
a lap of the lake to see if I could spot
any fish elsewhere, but after seeing
nothing I returned to the swim and
got the rods sorted. The right rod was
put back out on the long spot I had
found previously and the left rod went
back on the 30 yards spot that was
directly in front of the swim. Both rigs
were multi rigs and both baits were
the Sticky White Chocolate, but I had
glugged these in Baileys. The long rod
was out as a single and the shorter
rod had a scattering of around 20 Vortex 16mm freebies round it. With the
rods sorted, it was just a case of sitting back and watching the water.
At 4.45pm a really good fish
showed right over the right rod, and
I’m pretty sure that it was the Half
Lin. It was just like a big black triangle shape rising out of the water. I
rang Jon and he told me how when
she comes out of the water it was just
as I had explained. A few minutes
later I saw the same shape just a yard
or so to the left of before. He said that
when she starts showing like this
then she’s going to make an appearance soon. I was feeling as though I
was bang on with a chance, and
although I didn’t see anything else
that afternoon or evening, as I went to
bed that night I was full of confidence.
I had set my alarm for 4.45am the
following morning, but I was woken
before that when at about 4.40am I
received a liner on the right rod. It
was four bleeps and the bobbin lifted
ever so slightly before dropping back
down. I got the kettle on and sat
watching the water for any signs. As I
sat on the bed looking out, the wind
was blowing in towards me and there
was a fine drizzle in the air. At 5.20am
I received a further liner on the same
rod, and I was convinced that I was
going to get a bite but nothing more
(Top) My first ever session on
Vinnetrow in the First Noddy swim.
(Left) Looking out from K1’s Right
Point swim.


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