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Testing Times
happened. At 8am a smaller fish
showed out towards the same spot as
the Half Lin had showed, but that was
all I saw until mid-afternoon when a
few showed out in the same area. The
same shows happened early evening,
and I was sure I was going to get a
bite, but as I got my head down for my
second night in the swim, still nothing had happened. The wind continued to blow in towards me and the
drizzle started again. I could feel the
rain on my face but I didn’t want to
move the brolly, as it would mean I
c o u l d n ’t s e e t h e l a k e p r o p e r l y.
Throughout the night I could hear fish
boshing out; in fact they were active
all night.
As soon as I woke up the following
morning I saw a fish poke its head out
right over the right rod, and I started
to wonder whether there was a problem with the rig. Maybe it was tangled or maybe the bait had been
taken by an eel, as that had been happening to a few people over the last
few weeks. I thought I would leave it,
as it was Saturday morning and I had
to be away at 10am anyway. I lay in
the bag as it was still raining and all
my kit was soaked. There was a pool
of water lying on top of my bag cover,
and I really didn’t feel like sitting in it
so I stayed put. I made a couple of
coffees from the bag, and as I lay there
looking out with a drink the right rod
signalled a take. I was fishing locked
up but on a slack line, but by the time
I had got out of the bag the rod was
arced round right on a tight line.
As soon as I picked the rod up a fish
hit the surface out at 70 yards. I
slowly started to guide the fish in, but
the whole time I was playing it all I
could think of was the Half Lin. I had
a couple of moments where the fish
weeded me, but once I had got it
moving again, I realised that the fish I
was playing wasn’t the big girl as it
felt a lot smaller. At about 20 yards out
the fish rolled and I saw that it was a
common that I thought would be
mid-20. A few minutes later it was all
over and my first Vinnetrow carp was
sitting in the bottom of my landing
Little Dave from Runcton was just
packing up, and he came and helped
out with the weighing and did the
photos for me, and with that done it I
(Top) I had heard the fish were taking
bright singles, but not on this
occasion they weren’t.
(Below) 30lb 10oz mirror, and a
Kingsmead fish on my first ever
session on there.


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