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Testing Times
slipped it back none the worse for
wear. Surprisingly she weighed 30lb
6oz; a fair bit bigger than I thought
she would, but I wasn’t going to complain. It was my first Vinny carp, and
it was a 30, so I was more that happy
with that. I made a quick brew and
then packed all my kit away, booked
out, and headed off home a happy
After the weekend with the kids I
was keen to get back down to the
lake, and at about 12 noon on the
Monday I pulled back in the gate. As I
walked round the lake the wind was
blowing into the Lawn area. I saw a
fish poke its head out in front of a
swim known as the Coffin, but with
Bill Dawson setting up in the Lawn, I
didn’t feel it was fair to go in there, as
they are pretty much on top of each
other, and that’s just not right…
although some people would think
nothing of it! I did fancy going back in
the First Snag after having the fish,
but it was taken, so I opted to go in
the Right Point and fish a different
line angle towards where I had seen
the fish show earlier.
After a light lead about I found a
couple of spots that I was happy to
present pop-up rigs on, and with
them out on the White Chocolate I put
a scattering of the Sticky Oily hemp
over one along with a few 12mm Vortex, and put just 16mm Vor-tex out on
the longer rod. Once the rods were
sorted, I set up camp and got a coffee
on before chilling out for a few hours
watching the water. The afternoon
was quiet as was the evening, and as
I went to bed that night I wondered
whether I had made the right choice
of swim.
I was back up at 5am the following
morning and saw my first show at
5.48am, which was out long in front of
the Middle Bumpy/First Snags. A
mid-20 mirror cleared the water three
times before disappearing and not
(Top) My first Vinnetrow carp in the
shape of this 30lb 6oz common.
(Left) Looking out from Vinnetrow’s
Right Point across to the Reception


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