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Testing Times
showing again. The next show was at
6.38am and this one was out in front
of Reception to the left of the swim as
I looked at it from the Point. A couple
of hours later I saw another fish, but
this time it was bang over my left rod.
A mid-20 mirror showed four times,
and I’m sure that this fish was the
same one that I had seen earlier in
front of the Bumpy/Snags water. After
that show though, things went quiet
and I didn’t see anything for the rest
of the morning.
After lunch I saw a couple of tench
roll out just behind my right rod, and
then in amongst them I saw a carp
poke its head out, but again that was
it for the afternoon. At 5.06pm I had
what I thought was a savage liner on
the right rod, but in hindsight I think I
had been done. I didn’t get any other
liners off it, and when I reeled in just
before dark to redo the rod, the rig
was off the spot and in weed, the
multi rig was pulled tight and the lead
had come out the safety clip! Bugger… Was it a tench or a carp? I didn’t
know, but I wasn’t happy whatever it
was. I tied a fresh rig up, got the rod
back out on the spot and topped it up
with a few more 12mm baits.
(Top) A southern pit guestie 30lb 14oz
(Below) The second of the southern
pit fish at 21lb 8oz.
(Bottom right) The winning
combination on the southern pit.
Throughout the night there were fish
jumping out to my left, but with
someone in the Left Point, I couldn’t
get on them, so I stayed put.
When I got up the following morning I was greeted by fish rolling out in
front of me and also longer out in front
of Bill. At 7am I had a short liner on
the right rod, then six minutes later I
had a vicious liner on it. It pulled the
bobbin up all the way to the top, held
it for a second, and then dropped back
down to its original position. I left it a
for a while to see if anything was
going to materialise, but after half an
hour of nothing happening things got
the better of me and I went to reel the
rod in to check if I had been done
again. As I tightened down onto the
rig, it soon became clear that I had in
fact been had once again, as the lead
was a good five yards off the spot and


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