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Testing Times
in solid weed. I had been done twice
in 24 hours, and I was pissed off to say
the least.
Bill came round to see me later that
morning to see if I wanted anything
from the shop, and when I explained
to him what had happened, he told
me that he had experienced the same
thing on here before, and on the third
time of it happening to him he hit the
liner and this resulted in him having a
fish known as the Vein. It sure looked
like that it was carp that had been
doing me, and I decided that next
time I would hit it. The sneaky little
buggers! I redid the rods late afternoon to make sure they were spot-on
and settled in for the evening hoping
that I was going to get the chance to
turn the session round. Sadly though I
didn’t get the chance, and the following morning I woke after an event less
night. Throughout the morning I had
fish all over me, but before I knew it I
was timed out and I had to go. I was
gutted to be going really, as the fish
were so active that I was sure the Half
Lin would be out.
After signing out I rang Marcus for
a chat before heading off to K1 for a
night. While chatting to him he asked
if I fancied doing a quick guestie on a
little pit down his neck of the woods.
Never one to refuse a guest session
on a southern pit, I said, “Why not?”
and an hour or so later I met him
down at said pit. After a quick look
around I settled on an area just on the
side of the wind and had a lead about.
My left rod went out on a Vor-tex bottom bait topped with a piece of yellow plastic and a PVA bag of the
Sticky Bloodworm Extract Pellet. I
then spodded a few loads of Oily
Hemp and the Bloodworm Pellet over
the top along with some Vor-tex freebies. The other rod was fished on a
multi rig with a Vor-tex pop-up on it
that was glugged in the L-Zero 30.
Around 50 16mm Vor-tex freebies
were then fired around the hook bait.
Throughout the evening and night
there were loads of fish showing. I
had a tench on the bottom bait rod at
10pm but had to wait until 6am the
next morning before I was away with
a carp. It was the left rod again, on the
bottom bait, and after a bit of a scrap
in which the fish tried to do me in a
margin snag, I netted a cracking looking old grey mirror. I popped it in a
sack for an hour while I got the rod
back out, and then went and got Marcus to do some pictures. Just as he
arrived in the swim my other rod
ripped off and I was in again. This fish
scrapped well again and it had me all
over the place. Marcus got this on
video, and when I get a chance I’ll get
it up somewhere so you can see it.
Eventually he netted another mirror,
this time smaller, but still a result
We weighed and pictured the
smaller one first, a cracking little 21lb
8oz old-looking mirror and then after I
had returned that one we did the
larger one. This one weighed in at
30lb 14oz, and after getting some
decent pictures as well as some video
footage I slipped that one back in to
its home. What a result – a cheeky
overnighter and I manage a couple. It
was clear that they liked the Vor-tex,
(Top) Vor-tex pop-up topped with a
piece of ESP corn – fatal!
(Top right) Sunrise on Vinnetrow and
the Patio.
(Left) A view out from the Lawn on


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