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Testing Times
K1’s Dog Kennel 4 swim. I got done twice in here in 24 hours!
Vinnetrow’s Left Point.
K1’s peg 37 sunset.
as the sack had a load of it in the bottom that it had passed out. I redid the
rod and gave it until lunchtime before
calling it a day and heading home.
On the Saturday I received the call
I was expecting; the Half Lin was out,
and an hour or so later I received
another call saying that it had
weighed 57lb-plus and that it had
come from the First Snag. I had a
think on whether to go back down or
give it a few weeks, but I decided that
I was going to continue to fish it, as
there were still plenty of others to go
for, and I still needed to learn a lot
about the lake.
Sunday night saw me back there,
but I didn’t actually fish that night; I
just walked the lake for a few hours
and then had a few brews with Blunder before sleeping by the van under
the stars. At 5am though, I was back
up. There were a few fish rolling out in
front of the Lawn and also at range
out in Reception, but after watching
for a while I decided to go with the
Lawn, as more seemed to be in that
area than the other.
Just as I was getting the rods
sorted, a fish rolled out to my left so I
put a single out towards that. I struggled to get a decent drop as the silkweed was quite thick, but after a couple of quick casts with a 1oz lead I got
a drop that I was happy with. The
other rod I cast longer out towards
the reception building. Once again,
both baits were White Chocolate popups glugged in Baileys, but this time
both rods got a scattering of a new
bait that we are currently testing at
Sticky Baits. It’s a krill-based bait in
an orange/brown colour and early
tests show that it’s going to be good.
During the afternoon there were
several shows; the first being just
after 12 noon and that one was out
long behind the left rod. 20 minutes
later the same fish showed on the
same spot, and then ten minutes later
another fish showed twice, but this
time closer in, just next to the right
rod. A few minutes later the fish out
long showed again, and I really
thought I was in for some action, but
as is often the way on Vinnetrow,
nothing materialised and before I
knew it, it was early evening and the
moment had passed.
The night was very quiet. The wind
turned from a southwesterly to a
northwesterly, and I felt the fish had
moved. This was confirmed early the


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