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Testing Times
next morning when as I sat there
looking out I noticed a couple of fish
show down in front of the Patio swim.
With that I packed up and headed
down there before anyone else saw
them. Within minutes of getting into
the swim, a fish poked its head out at
around 40 yards to my right. I opted to
fish both rods short, again on the popups, but again with a scattering of the
new bait round each one. As soon as
the rods were sorted I set up the
remainder of my kit and got a coffee
on. As I sat there watching and drinking, I noticed a good fish roll over not
a million miles off my left rod. The
wind slowly increased and soon I had
a decent blow coming in at me, and I
was sure that the fish had followed
this wind. I wasn’t wrong, as throughout the afternoon there were shows at
1.50, 2.15, 2.56, 3.10, 3.50, 3.56 and
4.10. All the shows were either close
to me or slightly to my right. I was
sure something was going to happen,
but again nothing did, and I was starting to wonder whether I was doing
something wrong. After chatting to a
couple of the other guys on the lake
though, I wasn’t doing anything
wrong, and this was just the Vinny
The fish continued to show for the
remainder of my session, but I
couldn’t buy a bite! As I packed up
after my three nights, I left feeling
totally deflated, and as I headed off to
K1 for a couple of nights, I hoped that
my luck would change. It didn’t
thoug; in fact things got worse. I
fished in Dog Kennel 4, and during the
48 hours that I did in there, I had fish
all over me and got done no less than
three times by fish. It did my head in,
and to be honest I was glad to go
home and clear my head.
After a couple of days in the real
world with the kids I was ready to do
battle with the Vinnetrow carp once
again, and late Monday morning I
arrived back at the lake. I had booked
a week on; I felt there was a good
chance of fish coming out, as the
weather forecast was spot-on for Vinnetrow. The only risk was that the
weather would get too hot and that
they would spawn. I started off in the
Sluice as there was a northwesterly
(Above) The right side of the Helipad
(Below) My first of two from the Heli,
a 26lb 12oz Timsbury mirror.


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