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Testing Times
blowing straight into the corner of the
lake. I found a couple of nice clean
spots that the carp had clearly been
visiting and presented a couple of
pop-up rigs on, but this time, rather
than using the White Chocolate popups I opted to use the matching Krill
There were a few shows throughout the afternoon and also a couple of
fish showed in my swim during the
evening. I sat up until 1am watching
the water, but in the end tiredness got
to me and I got my head down. I
could only have been asleep an hour
when my right rod pulled up tight just
as it had done before in the Right
Point. This time I didn’t leave it, but
hit it, and before I knew it I was stood
at the front of the swim playing a
carp. After a couple of minutes the
fish started to kite left out towards the
main lake, and with that it weeded me
up. I got up on a bucket and gave it as
much as I could to get it moving, but
it was solid. I put the rod back in the
rest for a few minutes, and then there
was a little line movement, so I picked
the rod up once more. I felt some
movement on the end so wound
down a little more and tried to get the
fish out of the weed, but all of a sudden the hook pulled and the fish was
gone! I reeled the rig in along with a
load of weed, and on checking the
hook it was turned over. I had just
been unlucky I guess.
I rested the area for the balance of
the night and redid the rod in the
morning, but to be honest the area
looked dead, and I felt that the fish
had done the off. I gave it another
night in there, but then the next day I
moved on the Left Point as from first
light I saw a good 15-plus shows out
long from there. My only concern was
that they may have been getting
ready to spawn at it was hot to say
the least. My thoughts were confirmed that evening as they started to
spawn and I started getting really
savage liners. I immediately reeled in
and left them to it for the night.
When I woke the following morning
though, they were still going strong
and I decided to call it a day and head
elsewhere. At 9am that morning the
decision was made to close the lake
until the following Friday, which I personally think was the right thing to
I headed back over to K1 to see
what the situation was there and
when I arrived I was informed that
they hadn’t spawned but were start-
ing to group up, so it would only be a
matter of time before they did. I did a
couple of nights in peg 37, but when I
woke on the second morning they
were going for it so I packed up and
went home.
With Vinnetrow closed for the
week, I checked the situation on K1. It
was the start on the Road Lake on the
Thursday, but until then I needed
somewhere to fish. It seemed that the
fish had stopped spawning and that a
few had been out, so with that I
headed off there for a look. I arrived
mid-afternoon on the Monday and
after a look round it became clear that
there were fish down the far end of
the lake by the gravel works. I set up
(Top) Back she goes.
(Above) 24 hours later I had this one
off the same spot at 28lb 2oz.
(Left) Both fish came to these!
in a swim known as the Secret, and
by 6pm I had a couple of Krill pop-up
rigs out on spots together with a few
freebies. I was watching a couple of
decent fish; fish that I put at good
upper 30s if not 40s, feeding close in
to my right margin. I had broken five
baits up into little bits and dropped
them in the margin, and within ten
minutes of them going in these two
fish would have cleared them up. I did
this a few times and each time they


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