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Testing Times
dropped in there for a couple of
nights. There were fish all over the
place on the top, but they wouldn’t
take a mixer. I ended up fishing a rig
either side of the tree that’s out to the
right of the swim. Once again pop-up
rigs were cast out with Vor-tex popups on that had been glugged in the
L-Zero 30. With that I put out some
particle over the spots from off the
bridge as well as a kilo of Vor-tex.
Slippery turned up and he doubled up
with me and fished out on the left
side, as I owed him from when we
doubled in the Right Point.
At 10.50pm that night I had a take
off the left side of the tree, and after a
few tense moments I slipped the net
would have them. I eventually lowered a rig in there alongside the freebies, and within ten minutes of it
going in it was away.
The take was so violent that it
ripped the rear rest out of the ground
and I nearly lost the rod. I had to give
it nothing and hold on tight, as there
was a snag on the far margin that I
didn’t want it to get in, but the power
was so much that it managed to get
into the back of the spot, and as soon
as it did it cut me off! I was gutted; I
felt that this lake was being so cruel
to me and that I was never going to
land another carp from the place. One
of the bailiffs, Bob, moved in a couple
of swims up from me for the night, as
he had seen them too, and I felt he
had a better chance than me after
what had happened. I did the night in
the Secret swim, but it soon became
clear that they had gone and I needed
to look elsewhere.
Bob came round to see me in the
morning and he said that the fish had
moved back up the other end. He was
moving up there and I needed to as
well, as they were stacked up there.
That’s all I needed to hear, and within
the hour I was stood in the Dog Kennel car park looking. The Helipad was
free, and after checking with Bob on
whether he was going in there, I
under one of the Timsbury mirrors. At
last I had got another one from the
lake, and although it wasn’t one of the
bigger fish, a Timsbury mirror of 26lb
12oz was good enough for me. I got
the rod back out after a few pictures,
but nothing more happened.
I rested the swim the next day and
spent the day round with Bob in Dog
4. I got the rods back out at 8pm and
topped up the spot with a further kilo
of the Vor-tex. At 11.50pm I had
another take and this resulted in one
of the Fisher Pond fish at a spawnedout 28lb 2oz. That was the last of the
action, but as I left for the start on the
Road Lake, I was more than happy
with how things had turned out.
(Top) The Road Lake opening BBQ.
This year we were missing Micky
though – not good.
(Above) I had drawn the Number One
swim for the start – perfect.
(Left) The Road Lake fish liked these!


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