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Testing Times
Okay, I had lost a good fish, but I had
still had a couple, and that’s good
enough for me.
I got to the Road Lake just after
lunch and after setting up in my swim
that I had picked earlier in the draw
we all had a walk round to see what
was what. The fish may have
spawned; we weren’t sure, but there
were a lot of fish out in the pond and
nothing in the No1 snag. This didn’t
bother me really, as I was sure that
once all the leads started flying at
9pm then the fish would soon be in
there. I baited up along the front of
the snag with a kilo of the Krill bait as
well as some mixed particle. I then
clipped up my rods while the fish
were not present, and then went to
join the others for a BBQ and a few
beers. The afternoon and evening saw
much food and drink consumed by all,
but there was a sad note to the event.
One of the guys was missing this
year. Micky Neighbour sadly passed
away after a short illness, and he was
a familiar face at the Road Lake and
Fox Pool. He will be greatly missed by
many of the guys on both lakes and
will always be remembered. Rest in
(Top) Opening night result in the
shape of the Little Dink at 20lb.
(Right) Back she goes.
peace, Micky…
At 9pm we all cast out for the start
and as per usual on the opening
night, a few rigs ended up in trees due
to the spirit of the event, and I was no
exception. Eventually though, with
the rods out, Plumber Dan who was
set up next to me came and joined me
and we continued drinking. At about
11pm we both decided we had drunk
enough and retired for the night. At
00.20am though I was woken up by
Dan’s alarm making the odd bleep.
After a few minutes of this I called out
to Dan to sort it out, which he agreed
to do, but a minute later when his
alarm did it again I went to get up to
nudge him. As I sat on the bed though
I saw that my right rod was arced
round and that the bobbin was tight
into the buzzer. I immediately picked
my rod up, only for Dan’s alarm to
make lots of noise. I then realised that
it was in fact the fish that I was
attached to that was causing the
I c h e c k e d m y b u z z e r, w h i c h
worked fine so I can only presume
that the line had not gone into the
roller properly. Anyway, eventually,
after Dan had opened his bail arm, I
played the fish in and netted the Little
Dink. After a few quick pics we
weighed it at 20lb exactly and then
popped it back none the worse for
wear after the ordeal. Not a bad result
really; the rod had only been out a
couple of hours and I had had one.
Okay, I needed Dan’s Buzzer to tell me
I had one, but I’d had one all the same.
I had another take on the Saturday
morning just before I was starting to
pack up, but sadly I lost that as the
hook pulled. Headed off home to the
kids, happy though, as I’d had five
bites this week and landed three of
them – all in all not too bad. Both the
Sticky Vor-tex and the Krill had served
me well, and I felt that things were
starting to turn in my favour. Let’s see
what the month of June brings me –
time will tell.
Till next time… n


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