freeline-23 - Page 148

Tail of the Nene
was fishing just down from the boat
stash on the Big Lake, so I made a
quick call to see if he would bring it
part of the way, but being the gent he
is he brought it all the way to my
swim! He did look a bit knackered,
and I must admit I thought his effort
was all in vain because, as soon as I
gave the fish a bit of slack line he
moved out of the weedbed. I got him
to within 30 yards out and it all went
solid again as he dipped into another
weedy retreat. I threw on my life
jacket, put the net and mat aboard the
Sportyak and pushed myself out.
Once I got over the fish, I eased him
out of the weedbed and watched a
golden common rise through the
water columns. At first I thought
(more like hoped) it was one of the big
girls, but closer to the boat he got the
smaller he looked, and within a couple
of minutes I had him scooped up in
the net and lifted onto the waiting
mat. Once ashore I parted the mesh
(Top) I was finding the fish regularly
from up the climbing trees.
(Below) One of the Twin Common at
30lb 10oz.
and was greeted by a familiar sight;
the fish looked just like the one from
eight days previously! Then I remembered that it was called the Twin, so
maybe it wasn’t just a daft name and
they were identical. But after studying the fish and talking to the regulars, it turns out it was the same fish!
This time he weighed in at 30lb 10oz.
Whilst I was in the swim, I had kept
an eye on the bay to my right, and it
seemed that any ray of sunshine was
enough to push a couple of fish into
the small, shallow bay. This bay had
been dubbed the “Keepnet”, firstly
because it was long and thin; about
seven or eight yards wide and 20 to
25 yards long, but it mainly got it
name because the fish used to frequent it in numbers in years gone by.
Although this wasn’t the case the
previous year, because I had kept an
eye on it whilst fishing the Big Lake,
yet I had barely seen a fish in there.
However it did seem that this year
would be different.


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