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Baitzone PVA Friendly
By Tim Childs
his month I’d like to
take this opportunity
to talk about a few of
my ideas and
thoughts regarding
particle type baits and
how and when I use them. I’ve been a
fan of using hemp for many years and
normally include a few buckets of it
on trips throughout the summer.
The months of July and August can
be tricky at times, as these months
usually see waters at their weediest,
and with that comes high temperatures and lots of natural food. When
conditions are like this then particle
type baits can be very effective and
hemp is one of the best.
The hemp from Baitzone is particularly useful, as not only are they ready
prepared and shelf life but by being
PVA friendly you can of course use
them in a number of situations when
using PVA products. One method that
Baizone PVA-friendly hemp.
My preferred solid hemp bag rig – note the tungsten sinker.
I found particularly effective last sumwas day session fishing, moving
mer was to use PVA friendly hemp
around looking for signs or sightings
combined with PVA friendly tiger
of fish at close range. This approach
nuts fished on the hook. Of course
seemed perfect for fishing small, solid
fishing hemp and tigers is nothing
bags as small traps of bait could be
new, but using them in solid PVA
set or dropped near to fish especially
bags is something you don’t see a lot
when the banks were quiet and the
of anglers doing. In fact I can rememfish close in. With the attraction of the
ber reading in Mike Willmot’s exceloily hempseed and the visual addition
lent book Carp Life how when he
of a small tiger nut hookbait it was the
fished on Frampton Court
many years ago he used
small PVA parcels of particles using dry oat groats to
take off the moisture of the
baits. His results at the time
were spectacular with him
landing, if my memory is
correct, a number of good
fish including the lake’s first
40lb’er. It’s no surprise that
now years later the method
is still effective as I still see
few people going to the
trouble of presenting particles in PVA bags.
Most of my angling in the
summer of 2010 on the couple of waters I was targeting Short 4-5in hooklink and inline lead.


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