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Baitzone PVA Friendly Hempseed Tips
Add hemp to the bag.
Carefully place rig and lead inside the
Now top up with hemp.
perfect combination and
tricked a number of fish
from a couple of waters
when the temperatures
where high and the natural food at a peak.
When it comes to how
best to present these
small parcels of food then
I like to use a short 4-5in
soft braided hooklink.
This, combined with a
small grabbing type long
shank hook. Lead wise
I’ll use either a flat inline Twist and pierce the bag to remove air.
lead of between 2-4oz for
maximum effect or if the
weed is bad then I switch
to a reliable lead clip with
a dumpy type lead. Fish
this in a solid PVA bag of
hempseed and you have
a great little parcel of
food with just enough to
get you a bite.
Of course fishing this
way means you have to
keep mobile and make
sure your priority is to
find fish that will allow
you an opportunity to
present a small bag of
bait and rig to them.
If on the other hand Tie off tightly with PVA tape.
your fishing is more
static or you’re angling for a couple of
hempseed and then fishing different
days then fishing over larger beds of
hookbaits over the top. When fishing
hemp is a great way of fishing and
this way I like to spread both my free
can lead to multiple captures espeofferings and my hookbaits. Fishing
cially in the later part of the summer.
three rods over a good spread of parI’ve used this approach on a number
ticle baits perhaps the size of half a
of occasions going in heavy with the
tennis court is perfect. In my experience fishing like this, especially over
Trim off the PVA tags.
Lick and fold the edges to aid casting.


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