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Baitzone PVA Friendly Hempseed Tips
long periods, can lead to multiple
captures as the more food items that
are used then the more the fish start
to visit the area on a regular bases
searching and feeding hard for every
last morsel of food.
This way of fishing can be hard
work, as regular topping up of swims
with bait may be necessary. In fact
I’ve known some waters to be taken
apart as teams of anglers work
together ‘hemping up’ the same
swims week after week. Hard work it
may be, but with the right preparation
and commitment, mass particle fishing can be superb.
Again with this method the PVA
friendly particles can be effective, and
depending on the distance I’m fishing
will usually dictate how I present my
bait. Whilst short hook lengths and
solid bags are still effective when
fishing over a larger and wider spread
bed of particles, when fishing like this
I prefer more conventional coated
A super summer PVA bag caught common.
type hooklinks combined with a lead
clip system. A 6-10in hooklink coupled with my trusty Mugga hooks is
my usual choice. Fished this way you
can present a number of different
hookbaits either popped up or, as I
prefer, wafter style using either foam
or cork pieces to add slight buoyancy.
A great way to add attraction to
your hookbait is to attach a small
mesh PVA bag to your hook before
casting out. Not only will this completely eliminate tangles, something
that can be problematic when using
lightweight hookbaits especially in
windy conditions, but when melted
you’ll have a lovely little parcel right
next to your hookbait.
With the summer here I can think of
no better time to give particle type
baits a go and with the use of these
superb PVA friendly ones from Baitzone you’ll certainly have an edge
over both the fish and your fellow
anglers. n
Hemp bag all ready to go.


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