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Five Forties
It was stuck solid so I used my hand
to try to free the line. I felt a grating
sensation and then up came my leadcore attached to a branch. I was seriously pissed off and rowed back to
the bank in a right huff. On closer
inspection I found the size 6 Korda
Kurv opened up; it was just too much
pressure for any hook. I knew I had
just lost the target I had been so desperate to achieve. I had another night
ahead of me but I decided to pack
away as I was so pissed off and in
need of a beer or two.
The following week saw me back
down for a three-night session with
Irish. I had hoped that it hadn’t bothered the big’un too much and it
would make another mistake. I went
back in Peg 46 again and fished the
same spot as I had lost the biggie; I
just went a little to the left of the snag.
Again I gave the spot around 3kg of
bait and hoped the biggie would
return for a second helping of Mainline Cell and Active-8. It wasn’t till the
following morning at first light that I
had a bite. I knew straight away it
wasn’t a massive fish, but under the
rod tip it seemed to grow a bit and
started to fight as if it was its last
fight. A really long, pretty, dark mirror
was soon in the bottom of my mesh.
Irish took some photos and it was
The 47lb 12oz from the club lake.
returned to fight another day.
The day passed by quietly after the
2 4 l b ’ e r, a n d i t w a s n ’t u n t i l t h e
evening that the sun finally broke
through the rain filled sky. I’m sure
another friend, Cheesy, and I saw the
big mirror that evening on the other
side of the lake. I hoped we were
wrong and it wasn’t the one I was
after. That night as Irish and I sat
down, I felt extremely confident, as
the fish seemed really active. I had
replaced the right rod shorter on a
spot where I had seen a few fish show
in the past two weeks of fishing Peg
46. This rod had a further 3kg of bait
spread in an umbrella-sized area. Just
before dark a couple of fish showed
out over the left rod, and I went to bed
feeling really confident a bite was
going to occur. I set my alarm for 3am,
as I had heard a lot of fish showing at
this time in the morning. I was up but
half asleep at 3am, put the kettle on
and sat up on the edge of my bedchair. I was just pouring the boiling
water into the mug when what can
only be described as a cow was
dropped into the lake. The sound was
so loud the coots started screaming. I
rushed up to the rods and the rings
were bang on line and right over the
right hand rod. I sat back under the
brolly with a massive smile on my
face, as I knew that that was the
big’un and it was right on the money.
Surely I would have a chance again at
the magnificent fish? After the tea I
fell asleep.
I was awoken at first light by the
rod tearing off, and before I picked it
up I knew which fish it was going to
be. As I picked up the buckled rod I
was forced to give 25 yards of line as
the fish headed down to my left and
was getting dangerously close to the
margin snags and a nesting grebe. I
shouted down to Irish and he came
running out of his bivvy like he’d seen
a ghost. I was in a massive panic as I
tried to explain I had the big’un on
and it was getting close to the trees
down the margin. There was nothing
I could do, and the fish soon found
sanctuary under the grebes’ nest. The
grebes went flying; they weren’t very
impressed with me. I could hear the
fish swirling under the branches, but
it was still too dark to see exactly
where it was. I kept a tight line to the
fish whilst Irish walked down the
edge to try to see where the fish was.
He turned on his white LED headtorch trying to scare it out, but it
didn’t work.
At that point the swirling had
stopped; no movement was felt up
the rod, and I was about to go mad.


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