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Five Forties
After a grating sensation followed by
a headshake, the fish came away from
the snag. I took a deep breath and
composed myself for the rest of the
scrap. The fish stayed deep, just doing
what it wanted. I think it had worn
itself out whilst in the branches. Soon
the fish came to the top and Irish
scooped up the colossal mirror. A
quick peek in the net revealed those
massive shoulders and the big, beady
eyes looking up at me. I had finally
done it! A massive shout went out,
“Get in there – come on!”
The relief when that fish was in the
net was immense. I bit the line from
the leadcore, rolled up the net and
lifted the massive weight from the
water. I couldn’t believe the weight of
the thing. On inspecting the hookhold
I found another fresh hookhold on the
other side of the mouth, so I knew I
had lost the fish the previous week.
When your name’s on it, your name’s
on it. The hookhold was immense and
there was no way it was going to
come off – it was completely nailed. I
rang up the boys and luckily a few
My PB, the 47lb 12oz. Many thanks to Cashey, Jamie, Cheesey, Lewis and Irish for
coming down to share the moment.
answered the phone, so before I knew
it I had six of my best friends down
with their cameras and the fish safely
in the net.
The photos were taken and the fish
was returned to make someone else
as happy as it made me. The text
“Job’s a good’un – personal best, 47lb
12oz” was sent to my other good
friends. The job was finished – time to
find somewhere new to fish. I shall
return to the lake this winter in search
of the big common, and hopefully my
sixth UK forty.
Thanks for reading my piece. I hope
you have enjoyed it as much as I have
writing it. Tight lines and may your
dreams come true. n
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