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Off The Beaten Track –A Perfect Linear Set
etermination and
effort are two words
high on my list when
it comes to catching
carp. The lengths
that I go to in pursuit
of my target fish are both demanding
and challenging, not to mention crazy.
In the summer months I’m constantly
trying to keep one step ahead in order
to catch my desired quarry, whilst in
the winter months I’m often drifting
about at midnight on some big pit
using my echo sounder trying to
locate the carp. Is it just me or is carp
fishing getting harder and harder,
with more and more anglers joining
the sport every year? I find myself
having to up my game by purchasing
more local tickets and syndicate
waters alike and just keep visiting
them to try and find which one has
the least pressure applied to them in
order to get the results that I want. At
the age of 42 and with 25 years of
carp fishing under my belt the desire
to catch certain carp is stronger than
ever, and may this passion continue.
To catch one linear from this water
is very special; to catch all three is
mindblowing. The venue I have been
concentrating my efforts on and off
for the past eight years is a days-only
water situated in Derby called Egginton Lagoon. To describe this water as
(Top) The big girl sulking after being
lost in July 2011.
(Below) Where the battle took place.
tricky is an understatement to say the
least; I do believe the Car Park at
Yateley did more bites in a single season than the lagoon did for the same
year, which just goes to show how
difficult this water really is. The calibre of fish in this lake is outstanding
for the Midlands and I’m sure the
water chemistry, depths and richness
of the water all play a major part in
producing big carp. With six fish over
32lb and three fish at low 40s and one
at 47lb and yes one at the magical
mark of near 50lb it’s not surprising
how I nearly lost my job and suffered
relationship problems, like we all have
at some point whilst in pursuit of our
dreams. But to be totally honest I
loved every minute, and there’s still
one more fish I would love to catch,
which I hopefully will do. It’s just a
matter of getting the timing right, but
with big carp comes additional problems.
With keen anglers, or should I
rephrase that and say full-time
anglers, combined with no night fishing and complicated petty rules the
odds are always going to be stacked
against you. It amazes me how much
carp fishing has changed these days –
if you’re a threat on your water then
you’re the worst angler on the bank,
but if you couldn’t catch to save your
life then you’re everyone’s friend.
I’m sure I could have gone elsewhere to fish to the likes of Bedford or
Northampton back in 2000 to catch
my first forty. I did come close, catching carp to 37lbs from Duncan Kay’s
old fishery and some big carp from
Hollowell Resevoir. However, it was
the Zip Linear that was constantly on
my mind night and day. At a colossal
weight of 40lb-plus at the time, and
don’t forget the other big girl in the
same lake, it was so hard to walk
away and fish elsewhere. To be perfectly truthful it’s not the hardest fish
in the lake to catch as it often gets
caught more than once a year; it’s his
mates who can be far trickier. I only
caught seven of his buddies in this
time, but lost half a dozen including
the big girl back in 2005 due to snags,
cut offs and hook pulls.
Dragging yourself out of bed at 3:30
every Saturday morning after a week
at work is never much fun. I find
myself clock watching in the small
hours, feeling for my mobile phone


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