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Off The Beaten Track –A Perfect Linear Set
sive... Now this is not an area for the
faint hearted – strong tackle needs to
be checked and checked again. But I
had no choice, as it was there and
looking for food as it often does. This
was my chance, and believe me, you
don’t get many.
After carefully semi spooking it
with small crushed baits and a handful of pellets in order to get my rig in
position, I thought I had blown it, as it
just didn’t return for ages, but big fish
are big for an obvious reason – greed.
Zip Linear, 47lb 8oz.
I’m not going to go into too much
detail regarding the battle because to
be honest I can’t remember – it was a
total blur. The few anglers reading
this who have hooked one of the
proper ones in this area will know and
feel exactly what I mean – it was a
mental battle. Angling friend Chris
Appleby describes it as being on a hit
of acid tablets, but he would, as he’s
mad as a March hare (only kidding,
Chris). I would just like to take this
opportunity give a big thank-you to
my close friends Nick Cutts and Paul
Stenson for helping with the photos
and general care of this magnificent
fish. I could not wish for better company. The lagoon is a special place
with a great set of lads that fish there,
despite the competition. Bring on the
big girl at 50lb-plus – my time WILL
Anyone wishing to have the opportunity to fish this water, simply phone
ARC Repton Angling Club on 01283
735717. n


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