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A Tale of Two Sessions
Colin, 46lb 4oz, May 2012.
brother to put together a website and
we were already starting to disagree
on minor issues. It would never have
been a problem, but as I was the
brains behind the bait anyhow and
John had another idea of his own, we
decided to do our own projects and
collaborate on them together when
we needed to.
While I’m whiling away the days
making boilies for my company Denham Bait Innovations and trying to
build a successful reputation, John
decided to open up his own tackle
shop in St Ives, which is along Library
Row, a minute or two’s walk from
‘Waitrose Corner’ on the Lagoon. The
premises themselves have been in
John’s family a while, so John just
redesigned the premises to fit his own
idea with the help of his family. Seeing as I would be over there helping
him in the shop a fair bit we both
decided to get in touch with Gordon
to obtain a couple of tickets to fish the
I had in fact fished Long Reach
again a few years before after Gordy
had taken over the running of the
complex from Trevor. It has to be said
that it’s better off for it. The future of
the place has well and truly been
secured. New good quality fish are
being stocked and the place is being
made a tad more accessible. On those
few trips I did on the Reach I caught
a few carp and finally broke my duck
on the place before the boats once
again drove me away. If they ever disappear from there I will be back, as it
truly is a great lake to fish – a real old
gravel pit with some amazing features and not forgetting carp! It is still
relatively untapped, as it never sees
enough pressure and bait. For those
who are hardy enough to put up with
the boats have certainly had some
stunning fish!
The shop was opened in early May,
and I was going there to help out on
my ‘fishing’ days and going to do the
nights on the lake. I decided I was
going to go and fish the Shallow Pit. It
is at present the home of the largest
(known!) resident on the St Ives complex, a fish they call Colin. It has a few
smashing back up thirties and a couple of other fish knocking 40lbs too. I
really fancy fishing the Meadow and
Fjords pits, but as they haven’t been
stocked that long I’d rather wait for a
while until they grow a little more. I
don’t like repeating on carp captures
so I have no interest in catching them
now, and then again in a few years.
Mark my words this will be one hell of
a venue in a few years’ time, as the
fish are already smashing the weight
on. With the Brown Fish, the Black
Linear and a few still uncaught monsters it’s already a great lake, but once
those stunning scaly fish have piled
on the pounds it’s going to be hard to
get a ticket!
After the wettest spring that we
have experienced for a long time I
obtained my ticket in the middle of
the heatwave that followed. On the
last Monday of May I made my way to
St Ives for the first time in many years
with the tackle in the back of the
motor. After spending all day in the
shop with John I made my way over
to the Shallow Pit for my first trip. I’d
never even done a full lap of the ten or
so acre pit before. On arriving I
noticed how weedy it was. A large


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