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A Tale of Two Sessions
it. I then went back in to the lake, bit
the line, and then hoisted the fish up
the bank and onto my unhooking mat
to put a number on it. On the scales it
went 46lb 4oz. I was so chuffed, but
also felt a tad disappointed. It’s
always nicer to work for a fish, as the
sense of achievement is a lot greater,
but I couldn’t help which one I had
caught. So I dug out the same sack I
had stashed in my bag that I once put
the Lady into, to slip this fish into until
I could sort out someone else to come
over and do me some pictures. Incidentally it was only the third fish to
go into that sack since I had caught
her all those years ago. But with the
sky turning a deep grey I knew it
wouldn’t be in there for long, because
as soon as it was light I’d secure
someone to come and witness it for
As I sat there in the darkness with
my swim looking like a bombsite I
couldn’t believe my luck. It’s not a
very regular visitor to the bank, and
for me to go and catch it within only a
few hours of my first visit I couldn’t
quite believe it. I should’ve probably
lost it, exactly the same as the Lady,
but when your name is on them then
I guess there’s nothing you can do
but ride the wave and enjoy the
moment! I was a bit apprehensive
about how the regulars would react to
the capture of that fish, but I needn’t
have worried, as they were nothing
but pleased for me – a rare occurrence
on many carp waters today. Mark
came over and helped me with the
pics and did a superb job. It’s a fish he
would dearly love to catch himself,
but he showed no animosity at all. I
just hope I’m there when he catches
it so I can return the favour.
So there it goes. Two sessions, both
of them the first time I have ever
fished the lake, and I go and catch the
big’un. Richly undeserved success
some will say... and I agree! Every
now and again we all get lucky. On
both of those nights I was at my luckiest ever.
The St Ives Hat Trick
After catching Colin from the Shallow
Lagoon, I decided to go over to the
Lagoon to have a go for the Black Pig.
Since I originally went on there in the
first place to catch her but ended up
with the Lady, now seemed a good a
time as any.
The weekend prior to my first trip,
my mate Wayne had just got a ticket
for the complex and also decided to
go on the Lagoon. That weekend we
experienced some cracking winds
and Wayne, after moving, had a result
and caught the Leather and a fish
they call the Tri-Core common at 31
and 29lbs respectively. These were
the first two “proper” ones out of the
lake this year, and caught on my bait
too! I was raring to get down there,
really keen!
The next day, once I had gone
through the gate, parked, locked my
car and put my boots on, I started on
a lap of the lake. As I came to the first
point, the one they call Fatty’s, there
were two guys bivvied up. Stood with
them was a good friend of mine, Rich
Holden. After a chat, Rich came with
me and carried on doing a lap. Once
back at my car we decided on
another. Rich wasn’t fishing; I’d just
not seen much of him recently and I
think he was enjoying filling me in on
all the swim names and the topography of the place he knows so well. I
on the other hand barely knew any-
40lb 6oz, Black Pig, 5 June 2012.


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