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Pro Natural Bream was a huge success from the outset
with its strong caramel flavour, so we have a classic bream
groundbait, which is suited to both pole and feeder styles
and binds well to ensure plenty of particles can be carried
into the swim. Earlier this year we added the Pro Natural
Bream Dark, which is the same as the original, milled finer
and darker to cover more situations including colder water
and clear venues. It also makes the perfect complement to
other mixes in the range!
Pro Natural Extra is a key tool in the range – giving extra
weight and binding properties to the other groundbaits,
this mix is ideal when you’re targeting fast flowing or very
deep swims when knowing your bait is reaching the
desired spot and staying there is important, a well thought
out mix that enables Pro Natural to be the most complete
and adaptable range of natural venue groundbaits on the
Krill & Tuna Boilie Range
The popularity of barbel fishing continues to grow year-onyear, and using boilies to catch them goes hand-in-hand
with modern techniques. We’ve enjoyed some brilliant
results with the Poloni boilie in barbel circles and while the
bait continues to produce the goods, we believe the new
Krill & Tuna boilie has everything a bait needs to be a true
classic when it comes to barbel fishing! Boasting a huge
five high quality fishmeal ingredients including krill, kelp,
tuna and LT94 fishmeals, this is a bait that oozes attraction,
and we are excited to see what it produces throughout the
season! Available in 10, 15 and 18mm sizes all bases are
Bait-Tech would like to express a massive thank-you to
all of you for being a valued stockist of our product range,
and we’d like to give you extra exposure as a Bait-Tech
stockist through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
pages, so if you would like us to put you in front of more
Bait-Tech followers, we’d welcome some photos of BaitTech product stocked in your shop. These can be sent
through to with a few brief details
about the shop – name, location, a web address if applicable and a Facebook page so we can tag in a post. n
Strawberry, Cream & Bergamot
Produced from our classic Bird Food recipe with a stunning
attractor package that includes the optimum levels of Multimino PPC, Sweet Cajouser, natural emulsifiers along with
our Nature Identical Strawberry and Cream flavours plus
the addition of our essential Bergamot Oil giving a smell
and taste carp find hard to resist. It’s a big favourite of
many Nutrabaits users that has been responsible for
numerous big fish from a wide variety of waters worldwide.
Nutrabaits Top Tip – TRIGGA
Trigga has proved over the years to be one of the best baits
if not the best ever produced, and just as effective today as
when it was launched. Quality ingredients at the optimum
levels give you the confidence you need session after session, season after season. Trigga has proved devastating
everywhere it has been used, catching many of the biggest
carp worldwide, but we appreciate many anglers like their
own personal touch. Below is a selection of our most popular recipes used by many team members and customers
alike to home roll your own baits. Feel free to share your
own personal Trigga recipe.
Ingredients for Success – Trigga
• 500g Trigga – 6g Green Lipped Mussel Extract – 20ml Liquid
• 500g Trigga – 6g Green Lipped Mussel Extract – 20ml Liquid
Trigga – 4ml Pineapple Flavour – 1ml N-Butyric Acid.
• 500g Trigga – 4g Betaine HCI – 20ml Liquid Trigga – 8ml Blue
Oyster Flavour.
• 500g Trigga – 6g Green Lipped Mussel Extract – 20ml Liquid
Trigga – 5ml Plum Flavour – 2ml Sweet Cajouser.
• 500g Trigga – 40g Robin Red – 20ml Trigga liquid – 10 drops
Black Pepper Oil.
• New – 500g Trigga – 10ml Liquid Trigga – 10ml Salmon Oil –
6g Green Lipped Mussel Extract – 5ml Crab Flavour – 1ml NButyric Acid.


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