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The Traveller
We rejoin Marc this month midsession at Kingfisher.
had many 20s and a few 30s
on zigs with black foam, and
spodding out mixers during
the night over brown foam
worked. Catching them close
in also worked on Kingfisher.
When I knew Benson was due out, I
had two sleepless nights due to baiting up in the dark when everyone was
zipped up. I got 8kg of Trigga Ice out
onto a good bit of clean silt at around
65 yards, and I was buzzing with
excitement knowing I’d got a chance
of nailing her! I went back to my old
method and capture of my first ever
carp – a double 14mm bottom bait rig
with two chops on the hair – after
being up a tree the day before and
watching Benson move from a snag
tree where I knew the northern boys
were baiting heavily with Nash bait to
the area where I’d baited up.
At 8am on the third morning I had
a one-toner. I hit into this fish, which
(Top) Pit 6 Newark, Bin Swim, where
I’ve had great results including the
41lb 10oz common I haven’t
(Below) 35lb common caught with
the 34lb 12oz, part of 18-fish catch in
seven days.
came straight to the surface and
waved its tail at me as it shed the
lead. This was great! I was playing a
huge fish on the surface and everybody was watching me around the
lake. Most came into my swim, which
added a little more pressure that I
didn’t need. After a 45-minute battle I
landed my first 50lb carp, Benson at
58lb 2oz. I can’t explain the feeling
that only you big carp anglers would
know. It was a massive result that I
will never forget!
I went from Kingfisher to Swan
across the road to have, in one season, 18 30s to 37lb and two 40s to 48lb
6oz, a mirror carp called Dave, along
with an 82lb catfish! Basically I had a
huge success on these very tricky but
very heavily stocked waters, but I
can’t give all my secrets away which
caught me these highly pressured
day ticket carp.
So from there it was off to Brogborough, a 250-acre pit with stock of 40
originals. I first looked at this lake and
thought to myself, where do I start? It
was simple really; I walked and


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