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The Traveller
Sandhurst Cemex complex pointing
at a lump that just boshed out!
mon. My mate Kev came and helped
me; he was fishing the Pads swim
and said it was cracking fish, as he’d
struggled and not had a fish at all. So
it was a single bait after I located
them very close in that did the trick!
The year after I’d had my mind set
on Longreach, another unknown
water in St Ives. It’s 50 acres with a
low stock and speedboats on there
every weekend from 10am till 7pm.
This really didn’t help me baiting up
marginal shelves, as it was just washing away with the waves the boats
were causing. Again only a few hardcore anglers were on there hoping for
one or two fish a year. My tactics
were to bait up a whole margin, and I
mean 150 yards of margin, and stick
single rods through gaps in trees etc
to catch a 30-plus carp. I’d seen a few
when I’d been walking round scouting the year before, as Longreach was
next door, so I’d already built up a picture in my mind of what I was going
to do. Fail! Everything I tried on Brogborough, Scout etc wasn’t working for
me on Longreach.
“What next?” I said to myself, until
the penny dropped looking at the
snags. The snags were all covered in
zebra mussels and snails, which obviously were their natural food source.
They didn’t need what I was giving
them, as they were happy munching
these off the snags at night, and even
in the day I’d seen a small mirror
mouthing underwater branches and
tree stumps. It wasn’t till I pulled off a
handful of snails and zebra mussels
along with a handful of hemp and
chopped tigers that I got Mr. Carp to
stop in his tracks again close in on a
spot I’d baited with their natural food
source. I went to my truck, got a Tipex
pen as I was in sales at the time, and
made a very small white dot on the
snail’s shell so my snail hookbait
would stand out from the rest. I drilled
a small hole through its shell and hair
rigged a snail on the spot with a
handful of hemp and zebra mussels,
and I had a 33lb 8oz common! This
was a bit special for me, as I’d tried
everything and was running out of
ideas until I thought of this, which is
my most randomly caught 30 to date.
It just shows that on the day anything
can work to catch these wild carp, so
keep trying everything and keep
thinking outside the box – you’ll be
surprised at what actually works.
Then it was on to A1 Pits in Newark
where I’ve had amazing results really
as many anglers have struggled so
much on this pressured day ticket
water. Pit 6 is a 50-acre gravel pit with
a stock of around 400 carp from low
doubles to upper 30s. I started off on
Pit 5, the 25-acre lake next door, not
just because Two Tone, a possible 40
was in there but because of reports of
a big mirror. I needed to see this fish
for myself, so I started off one winter
when everyone was packed up for the
winter with their gear locked away for
four months, but not me. I wanted to
map out this lake as quickly as I
could, and when it was empty I was
able to do this, finding all the features
possible from four different areas of
the lake along with introducing a little


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