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Freezer v shelf life
or the best of both worlds…
Responsible for the capture of some of the largest carp, not
just in the U.K. but worldwide for almost 20 years and still
doing so today.
One of the questions we get asked on a regular basis is
which are best, freezer baits or shelf-life baits? Unfortunately there isn’t usually a simple answer because our
shelf-lifes have higher levels of attraction, but our freezer
baits boast a better nutritional content. One tactic that has
given anglers considerable success in recent seasons is to
use both types of baits, for example an equal split of Trigga
freezer baits and Trigga shelf-lifes, the thinking being that
you get the short term attraction quality of the shelf-lifes
coupled with the long term effectiveness of the freezers.
River Plus Liqid Booster – This liquid booster is based
around the ever-faithful Trigga Ice, with the addition of
added attractors.
After 18 months of field-testing year round by Brian Skoyles
and Alfie Naylor, we are pleased to announce our River Plus
range is now available in stores nationwide. Don’t be fooled
into thinking this is a barbel-only bait; not only have big
barbel taken an instant liking to the range but big chub,
carp, tench and on the grapevine, we’ve heard whispers
that big roach have been landed by one secret squirrel. The
flavour is a blend of Trigga liquids, amino acids along with
our Blue Oyster flavour that gives a meaty smell and taste
that leakes off into the water column to give perfect
valence of high attraction and quality ingredients to have
them coming back for more over and over again.
River Plus standard pellets are available in 8mm and 4mm,
making them very versatile for many angling situations.


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