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The Traveller
24lb stunner from Brogborough Lake, a 25-acre pit, caught while targeting two mid-30s I’d seen patrol down a reedbed and
this one picked me up. I used maple peas and hemp at 20 yards’ range alongside a deep reedbed.
know they can hammer a water if
used correctly! The last morning of
the social at 8am I had a single beep.
I hit it and landed a black common of
31lb, the only fish of the social and
first fish out that year. I was very
Don’t be afraid to do something different to everybody else. Watch other
anglers and learn; watch every inch of
the water and be prepared to move.
Go that extra mile and trust me, the
rewards are there. Keep ringing those
changes and try things all the time,
because as the season goes on the
fish’s activity is also changing. Move
with them; watch them, and if they’re
not showing, to locate them I often
say to myself, “If I were a carp where
would I be now?” Your answer will be
bang-on, and that’s exactly where
you’ll find the carp. I can’t stress
enough about doing your homework,
and mapping out the lake in winter
when it’s quiet has given me that
edge. Baiting up in the dark is also a
massive edge; no one does it. Also
helpful is having a pad and pen to jot
everything down – the times of year
you’ve seen certain fish in certain
areas and times they get caught. I can
predict on some really pressured
water what time my rod will go off –
tha t’s ha v i ng i t s us s e d o ut a nd
switching on to the lake.
The likes of Terry Hearn will switch
onto a water within hours or days, not
months or years like most other
a n g l e r s . T h a t ’s t h e d i f f e r e n c e
between a good angler and an angler
that’s not willing to go that extra mile.
I can’t stress how important it is to
fish the naturals. You will not go
wrong presenting a bait onto a bed of
zebra mussels or bloodworm. Get into
the weed; the back of it or in front of
it, as they are the patrol routes for Mr.
Carp and hold oxygen.
There are so many things I can talk
about, but it’s putting it into practice.
I’m doing very well at the moment,
but I have 30 years experience on my
side. I’m currently doing tutorials for
guys, teaching them anything from
the basics onwards. It makes me so
proud to see guys that I’ve had on a
private tuition bag a PB from a tough
old water. That’s what its all about for
me, giving a little something back into
the sport I love and that I’m passionate about.
Until next time when I’ll be talking
to you about a huge, low stock pit
with a few unknown fish, I’d like to
thank Rob Maylin for giving me this
opportunity to express my angling
adventure with you all so far. Thanks
also to my new bait company DT
Baits for supplying me with some
quality bait. There are lots more articles and features to come, but for now
tight lines and keep positive! n


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