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Off the BeatenTrack
Fishing for Unknown Monsters by Mike Scott
Introduction by Rob Maylin
very now and then
something comes
along that just blows
m e a w a y, a n d t h i s
month it’s happened
twice – once by this
little piece from Mike. It all started last
week with a call from a good friend,
who I won’t name because I think this
needs to be kept as quiet as possible
for the time being. His call went
something like this: “Remember that
geezer you had in the mag last year
who had caught all those fish by
guesting a few estate lake ponds?
Well how would you like to talk to
another fella who’s been catching
some monsters doing the same sort of
thing?” You can imagine what I said,
and a little while later I got a call from
He’s a quiet sort of guy, very passionate about big carp but only those
that have never been caught before!
He’s been quietly going about this for
years on several different venues and
on the rivers (where he’s had forties!).
He asked me if I would like a few pictures for the mag. I asked him to send
them over with a few words if he
could. Like most carp anglers he’s
never written anything before, but I
really hope I can change that. Here
are his few words and some snaps....
He’s promised to do some more,
including a bit about his river exploits
– God, I hope he does!
He has told me some breathtaking
stories of multiple captures over the
phone; stories of three and four landing nets all packed with monsters
with up to a dozen fish landed in minutes! He only fishes for two hours at a
time! He told me the story of the
hippo he caught one night that he did
not weigh or photograph because it
was leaking spawn; he simply
unhooked it and let it swim off, convinced he would catch it again soon –
I hope he does! He only fishes for the
unknown, so I feel so privileged to be
able to see his photos and share his
experiences in some small way.
Below are his few modest words, the
first of many installments, I hope... I
hope you enjoy the photos as much as
I have.
They have all been Photoshopped
to remove the background to protect
h i s f i s h i n g, s o a t t h i s p o i n t a l l
doubters should shut the f*** up!
Mike: As I only fish for carp that
have more than likely never been
hooked or held, I look around for
waters that have uncaught carp living
in the “no fishing” lakes. A few
months ago when the weather went
hot and the carp all over started
spawning, I thought, let’s see if


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