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Off The Beaten Track
they’re still in a lake I’ve known about
for years.
On arrival to the lake I climbed over
the fence and walked up the slope.
As I got up to the top I was amazed
at what I was seeing – loads of carp
making babies! I stayed for about half
an hour looking at some good carp,
then I saw something that made me
think, right that’s it; I’m coming off
my other two unfished lakes and putting all my efforts into this one...
I started the bait going in of a night,
and to my amazement there are only
two coots nesting on there. Fantastic!
My bait will only be eaten by my
quarry. On the fourth bait-up the carp
were boshing right over the area.
What a sight to see and to know they
were on it. So I decided it was time to
hit it… And they started hitting my
net from the off. I was getting some
great looking carp with not a mark on
their mouths, so these are “special
carp” in my eyes, which are not
hounded day in day out. That’s my
style of carping, and was I happy to
say the least.
The weed was giving me trouble at
first, and I lost a really good carp in
weed that I had on for ages. I was
gutted, but that’s fishing for ya. I’ve
taken a few mates with me and let
them fish the spot too. I’ve put lot of
bait and work in and four of them
have broken their PBs, as I’m not a
selfish or greedy angler and enjoy my
pals getting the better carp. But it’s
my time now, and time to start fishing. I like it on my own and doing my
own thing, as I want to get out what
I’ve seen.
I’ve had many double takes and
had nets full of carp as it gets a bit
hectic to say the least!! I caught a
beast but she was releasing the liquid
and lots of eggs as I lifted the net, so
the best thing to do was to unhook
her and get her back in as soon as
possible! I’ll catch her again hopefully.
It’s getting near to autumn so I’m
getting lots of particle in a different
area, after I got caught. I’m well plotted in this area of the lake, so can do
my thing in peace. Until the next
installment… Tight lines! n


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