freeline-23 - Page 227

A Move to the Roach Pit
ell what a
bloody month
I’ve had! I’m
not going to
lie to you; the
majority of it’s
been somewhat shit to say the least.
I’ll get to what’s gone on in a bit but
first of all, as usual, I’ll get a couple of
captures in from any mates that can
be bothered to get them over to me.
Once again it’s Marcus that’s been
on top form and has continued to
catch when most others were struggling. He sent me over a couple of pictures of recent fish that he’d had and
I have to say that the smaller fish is a
cracker. Both his fish came to Sticky’s
Vor-tex glugged in L-Zero 30 just as
most of his previous captures have
been. Keep it going mate; you really
are on a roll at the minute.
Ok, on to my month, and I’ll start
where I left off. Sunday night saw me
back over at Vinnetrow. At 11pm I
arrived, and after a walk round opted
(Top) I’m going to miss the Road Lake
a lot!
(Below) Marcus with a 30lb 14oz
to go in the Lawn swim as I had seen
a couple go over out short in front of
the swim, just beyond the pads. After
getting the rods sorted and a scattering of bait out I set up camp and then
sat watching the lake. Throughout the
night I saw a few fish show, but as it
got light the fish stopped showing.
Tench then started showing, and with
that feeding, and I was soon getting
bites from them. Over the next couple
of days I had a good few tench and
didn’t see a single carp show. On the
Wednesday morning at first light
though the carp started to show
again out long in front of the swim.
As I sat there with a brew watching
them, Graham came in to the swim
and informed me that the back doors
of my van were wide open. The first
thing I thought was that it had been
broken into, but when I went to have
a look it seemed that everything was
still in there and nothing had been


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