freeline-23 - Page 228

A Move to the Roach Pit
touched. I was trying to work out
what had gone on when it suddenly
dawned on me that when I went back
to the van for water the evening
before I must have left the back doors
open! How bloody lucky I was, as in
the back were spare rods, tackle, bait
and a load of stove gas that I was
dropping off on my way home. I could
have so easily lost the lot all because
I wasn’t with it when I’d gone to get
the water. Luckily Graham was leaving early and he saw it. If he hadn’t
then I’m sure that my kit wouldn’t
have been there later that day once
the roads got busy, as someone would
have clocked it all.
Anyway, after shutting the van up
and settling back down I then
received a call from Baz on the Road
Lake saying that the Big Dink had just
been found dead. I couldn’t believe it.
I knew it hadn’t been looking its best
for a little while but it was still a shock
when I got the call. I packed up and
headed off to the Road, as I wanted to
get over there and help in the burying
of it. A couple of hours later I arrived
at the Road and went round to see
both Baz and Dan who were fishing
there. Between us we spent the afternoon digging a grave, which was easier said than done, as the ground was
After eventually getting the burial
done I had a walk round the lake and
the first thing I noticed was that the
fish were not looking themselves. All
the fish that I saw were looking
lethargic and breathing quite quickly
– a lot faster than usual. I rang Rob,
the head bailiff, and told him my worries, and after doing so I rang Pete, the
fisheries officer for Cemex. He was
away, but the next morning Matt, his
assistant, arrived and had a walk
round. He was pretty sure that it was
probably just down to the fact that
they had recently spawned and were
probably just knackered. I relayed this
(Above) Marcus with yet another
stunning fish.
(Bottom) The first of many Road Lake
carp to perish – the Big Dink.
back to Rob and he decided to close
the snag swims so that the fish had
some sanctuary to relax in.
Despite what people’s opinions
were I had concerns though, and I did
suggest that we close the lake, but
this was not agreed to and it
remained open for the time being. I
left the lake that evening as I had
family commitments, but over the
weekend I received a call saying that
there had been another casualty in
the shape of Digit. Now I was sure
that there was a problem, as this fish
had been seen just a week previously
looking really well, and it was also a
male fish so I didn’t put it down to
spawning. I couldn’t get over to the
lake as I had other commitments until
Tuesday evening, but with those
commitments out of the way I headed
down to the lake to have a look at
things. After a look round it was clear
that the fish were not happy, but once
again I was told I was over reacting
and that it was purely down to
spawning. I left the lake and headed
off to Vinny, but less than 24 hours


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